Another completed unit of Chaos Warriors

I had painted these 11 chaps on 2021 but I needed 7 more to make a full unit with three rows of six.

So I took this evil warrior from Reaper that I painted on 2023...

...and glued a Chaos shield on his free arm, and it instantly became a GW Chaos Warrior.

Then I recovered and Games Day Chaos Warrior (don't remember which year is ) and included as Champion of the unit.
  I still needed five more Warriors so I 3D printed them.
And voilá! here is the full unit. As they are a bit taller that the previous unit of Chaos Warriors, I think I will deploy them as Chosen.


  1. Impressive unit! We honestly don't distinguish the new 3D printed miniatures from the original ones.
    We love the champion (Games Day 2009) and how you painted him with the bronze armour, which stands out in contrast to the steel armour of the other warriors. I had seen one painted in a similar way by Tommie Soule on CMON (https://www.coolminiornot.com/234402?browseid=14307570): did you by any chance take inspiration from those images?
    Is the shield on the Reaper miniature just for aesthetic consistency or does it have gameplay value (the old WYSIWYG issue)?

    1. Thank you Rodor! The 3D figures are slightly less sharper and more fragile than the plastic ones but they will do (I put them in the middle of the unit-except the musician-). Nope, I've never seen that mini from Coolminiornot and it's a total coincidence the choice of colours although I prefer mine, which is worse painted but it looks more realistic to me. The shield on the Repaer miniatures is basically to give it a GW look to blend in the unit. Cheers,

  2. Great looking fantasy figures, Javier. Love the earlier mounted guy too!