The Chetwood.

The Chetwood is a forest North of Bree where the Rangers patrol protecting people from dark and lurking creatures that come down from the far North. Rangers of the North, or simply the Rangers, were the northern wandering people of Eriador, the last remnant of the Dúnedain of Arnor who had once peopled the North Kingdom of Arnor. They protected the lands they wandered although their secretiveness made other peoples consider them dangerous and distrustful in Bree and the Shire, where they were known as "Watchers". Here we can see Aragorn and Tuigil clearing several giant spiders' dwellings that have been seen lately. After this, Aragorn will head for Bree and wait for the Hobbits.  

 Aragorn on the left with sword, short bow and Tuigil on the right with long bow and dagger.

They advance towards the first cocoon of spiders in the centre of the map, with one Hazard Token (HT) approaching from the left and another one appearing at the top.

Aragorn kills a spider and destroys the nest whereas Tuigil watches from behind. He spots an Orc scout but misses his shot.

The Orc charges at Aragorn who kills him in combat.

The rangers keep pushing North, leaving behind them three HTs but also fighting against another Orc scout who charges the from the North.
More Orcs are coming and Tuigil keeps missing all his shots!
And this time Aragorn almost falls down after receiving a telling blow from the Orc's two handed axe!
Aragorn is severely wounded and after that, a wolf coming from the deep of the woods charges at him. He manages to kill it without being wounded but Tuigil has to come back in help.

Aragorn patches himself with some unguent and healing herbs and then they resume marching North.
They reach the second coccon and clear it.
After that, they head East to finish the last of the spiders' nest but meet some more spiders and Orcs in their way.
Tuigil finally hits all the shots and kills a spider and an Orc in one turn. Opportunity that Aragorn takes to finish the last cocoon. Then they exit the woods without further incidents.
Now Aragorn say goodbye to Tuigil and set off for Bree to wait for the Hobbits Galdalf told him about.
Well, so far nobody has got killed and they gather in Bree and get ready to set for Rivendel. We will see in the next instalment how they progress out of Bree and to Rivendel.

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