Strelets-R's Crusaders transport box

I wanted some non-fighting miniatures for my skirmishers and adventures as well as some wagons to either escort or rob them, so I found this box particularly interesting and useful.

One thing I like about these types of boxes from Strelets is that none of the miniatures are repeated; there is only one pose per model. On the other hand, something I didn't like was having to glue all the parts of the carts. Not having to build or glue a kit is one of the reasons why I like 1/72 scale so much.

The sculpting is a bit crude in my opinion, but the poses are very original. I especially like the guy picking his nose, but also the man with a boy on his shoulders or the wounded and dead people, who are very useful and rare to see.

First the wagons and mules:

The bases of the mules got a bit of frost from the matt varnish

 Second the people:

And finally the dead:


  1. We did not know these miniatures or this manufacturer at all. Truly nice: what some of them lack in detail, they make up for in the originality of gestures and clothing. But there is also Robin Hood disguised as a beggar, directly from the Disney cartoon - if we have seen correctly...
    When you use these miniatures in your games, will it be possible for characters to get on wagons or load objects onto them?

    1. Strelets is a well-known brand in the 1/72 world although not as much as Italeri or Zvezda. Of course I will use the wagons to load things or persons in my games. For example, one guy could stand on top of the wagon defending his life against many, or just robbing stuff from a wagon; I think it is not complicated to do that. Cheers :)

  2. What a useful set! Perfect for goblins, trolls or Vikings to raid