This mission is about escorting some nobles or VIPs on their first blood adventure. I have to get them into some action and then bring them back alive and unscathed. There is 1D3 VIPs to escort and I got two and I have to take them to the opposite side of the board and back.

After the last mission I upgraded all of my team's armour and now they all are wearing Full Combat Armour with Automed that allows the soldier to recover from an Out of Fight result. I also got an self-reloading portable missile launcher for my team (AML).

Starting point with my team and the two VIPs.

Going forward through some rubble.

Contact! Two Greys. The man with the missile laucher fires and hits them. Both result wounded and one has a panic attack and hides in the building, but the other recovers and fires back at one of my men who is also wounded and Ducks Back in the bushes. My leader and the VIPs rush forward. Suddenly, more Greys show from the building.

The team leader (me) with one man and the VIPs assault the building where all the Greys moved. They throw two HE grenades, killing one and wounding and concussing the rest.

Then one of the clients puts down a wounded alien with his pistol and the other two more with her shotgun; both shouting excitedly.

I advance with the clients to finish the mission before more enemies show up.

And then go back. One mercenary tries to fire but the missile launcher in overwatch stops it.

Now everybody run to accomplish mission before times out but more mercenaries are coming and fire us in the open. One of my men is fatally wounded but the Automed turns it into a wound in his right arm that will keep him out of action for three encounters but let him keep running and exit alive. My leader on the left, is hit and Ducks Back but when he recovers at the next turn he fires back covering his men and put all the enemies taking cover.

One down and three wounded and suppressed.

We exit the board right on the last turn so I got just 1 Victory Point for the mission, but also 3 VP for each client alive and 1 VP for each client having killed an enemy, so 9 VPs in total or 9.000 Galactic Credits.

Some of my men got experience and raise their Shooting and Guts skills so I am going to stick with these five mercenaries as a team and won't hire anybody else for now so I can save some money for our future retirement in Mars. Until next mission, out.


  1. Title: "What can't money buy?!".
    Plot: "Two rich young men want to experience the thrill of taking a walk among the ruins and shooting some aliens, but without risking having their beautiful colored clothes pierced...".
    A mission that kept us in suspense, even if - no offense to your mercenaries - until the end we cheered for an alien to hit one of the VIPs!

    1. LOL! No offense to them but the one who got injured and almost died was one of the mercs, the one with the AML actually :)