Norse Giant

Ok, it is a Frost Giant from Reaper Bones for 28mm miniatures, but on one hand it is a bit short for being a Giant at that scale, and on the other hand I did not want a Frost Giant painted like a Smurf and with a hard-to-believe ice sword.

I wanted a "Norse" Giant like the ones you can see in Games of Thrones, and I wanted it in leather, wood, stone and bones and without any metal, to give it some prehistoric flavour. I also saw it perfect for 1/72 scale.

So this is how it turned out; a real king in the North.

I'm not quite happy with the "bone" sword but I didn't want one made of ice or stone, so there you go, some spine taken from a long-ago dead leviathan.


Close up of the face. I 'm happy with the eyes as I could not see them very well with my poor eyesight.

As you can see, it is just perfect for 1/72 scale.


  1. Fantastic work Javier! A good size for 1/72. Not silly big, just the right size to be believable. ­čśŐ

  2. Thanks Ben! Yes, it's about the size right. Also, I think it is as Giants should be, a bit squat and with very thick legs to support all that weight. Cheers,

  3. Giants are clearly the 'in' thing to paint right now :-) ! This chap's come out really well, face included (your eyesight seems to be ok for now). The sword come out well and I like the idea of it being carved from some beast. And he looks very imposing against the 1/72 models.

  4. Yes they are! ;-) Actually, I'm now starting to paint a she-giant, another Reaper Bones 28mm for my 1/72 armies :)