Dark Alliance Orcs set 3

Happy Orctober!

Orctober is as good as any other excuse to splash some paint on some Orcs. Below you can see the ten different poses contained in the box, with four sprues like that.

In my view, this is the best box of Orcs from the three sets delivered so far as they have special characters like the female or the chieftain, as well as more dynamic and colourful poses. Regretfully, there are not any musician or standard bearer in the box, nor anything that could be used as a magician.

This time I decided to give them a darker skin tone, more akin to Tolkien's description.

If you look closely, you'll see there is some flock adhered to the figures. This is because in my eagerness to get them finished, I sprayed matt varnish without brushing off the excess of flock first, and when I realised it was too late :(



  1. There is a nice, slightly old fashioned look to these. Great work!

  2. That's because I'm a nice, slightly old fashioned guy ;-) Thank you Alan!