Dark Alliance Orcs set 1. Happy Orctober!

To celebrate Orctober I put aside the painting of Vikings and hastily painted a model of all the different poses in the box. They are much more crude than Zvezda Vikings and have some flash too, but they are Orc rabble after all and will do as they are.

They look better in the flesh but anyway, I'm not happy with so much metal on them and I think I'm going to paint next ones on black armour and will try other skin tones too. 

Although they look like they need to have their eyes painted, they really don't from tabletop distance.

All models from Dark Alliance have the bad custom of having their shields facing opposite to their enemies.

So happy Orctober!


  1. Great looking Orcs, Javier. Just the ticket for the season.

  2. Happy Orctober! I like the ones in the first pic best! :)

    1. Yeah, bring the beer!
      You could paint some sci-fi Waaagh in 15mm to celebrate it too :)

  3. Great looking Orcs in cool armor, Javier.