Eilif, rough ranger.

This is the first encounter of a new campaign I am playing with the new rulebook from Two Hour Wargames' Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, a solo immersive Fantasy skirmish adventure. But I wanted to start this adventure as a continuation of my last campaign with the previous edition of this fantastic ruleset, and this is how it ended Einar's adventurers with the first edition of Warrior Heroes I played on 2012:

The campaign started more than one year ago and it has lasted more than a year in the Einar's world as well. Einar lost dear friends but gained new ones, he met all kind of creatures and monsters, travelled great part of Talomir, made raids, rescued people and explored dungeons.

All this exciting high adventure thanks to Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventurers ruleset from Two Hour Wargames, the best fantasy skirmish ruleset out there IMHO. Now I will sat and patiently wait for the second release of WHAA with the new mechanics from CRFV and new adventures in the world of Talomir!

In the meantime, Einar will send word to his father to move all his people from the North to the Border Kingdoms, and from his castle to conquer the land of the Orcs and found a new kingdom...but that's is a another story.”

Well, finally there is a second edition of Warrior Heroes (WHAT) and now I'm playing a new campaign, starting it where the first one ended.

Eilif is a young Mirholman who followed Einar's father exodus from Mirholme to the Border Kingdoms where Einar took a castle near the frontier with Naz-Goth, land of Orcs. Mirholme settlers are tough people but Orcs too! and they are always raiding Mirholme farm's.

Eilif has no farm or property but a great heart and a strong arm. He likes being alone in the wild and with no people around, so he patrols the borders and helps settlers as any good Ranger would do. He has a small hut in the slums surrounding Einar's castle.

Star: Eilif

Race: Human

Nationality: Mirholme

Alignment: Twilight (neutral)


Rep 5

Class: Ranger

Skills: People 4, Savvy 5

Attributes: Race – Wary. Class – Tough and Dual

Weapons: Short bow, sword and knife

Armour: Reinforced leather AC2

Shield: No.

House rule: Rangers live in the wild and need to be resourceful so they can hunt and heal minor wounds easily. They also are excellent trackers and can find lost followers. Therefore, any Ranger in your group will add 1d6 to the roll for “After the Encounter Recovery” on page 25 of the rules.

Every month in Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir starts with one involuntary encounter and then if the player wants, a voluntary one. I rolled and got no involuntary encounter so I moved to the voluntary one:

Eilif's story starts with him tracking and hunting down a pack of wolves who has been killing cattle from several farms.

It's a Hunting encounter. Eilif has to kill the alpha male and the rest of the pack 1 (alpha male)+1d6 wolves (Ferocious).

House rule: Eilif can roll on the Hunt table once per new section he moves into until he kills all the wolves or runs out of sections. A PEF will be generated on a score of doubles when rolling for activation.

He is in the wilderness in the border of Border Kingdoms in Talomir: Encounter Rating 1, daytime. Einar's castle is in the Interior of the Border Kingdoms, with many farms spreading up to the border close to the Orcs from Naz-Goth where Eilif is now.

Eilif moves forward but he loses the wolf pack tracks and finds nothing.

He decides to move westwards and then he stumbles upon a wandering wolf. He quickly looses an arrow and it.

Eilif now moves north and finds another wolf.

He misses and the creature hides away in the thick of the forest (Duckback).

He chases it into the bushes and then the wolf comes out and attacks him. Eilif swiftly draws his sword and dagger right before he's locked in a deadly melee.

The beast is easily dispatched and Eilif then advances eastwards and meets with the pack!

He acts first and kills one with an arrow. Another flees and last one charges him, but after two frantic rounds of cutting and stabbing the vermin is down.

He has already slew four of the five wolves. Now he needs to find the one that fled.

And he finds it near an abandoned farm. Eilif shoots but misses and the wolf hides behind the building.

He goes after him but the monster revolves with ferocious desperation and rips Eilif's arm, causing a lot of blood. Luckily, he can react and finally kill the beast! (Star Power).

With the whole pack exterminated, Eilif heads for a small village not far from this place to rest and lick up his wounds.

All right, so it was a successful encounter and Eilif got 1 Increasing Rep d6 but as he also had to use his Star Power to survive from the wolf's attack, he gained 1 Decreasing Rep d6 with a final balance of 0d6s in his pocket.

He also looted the wolves (he skinned them all but one and got four pelts to sell them later).

After this encounter Eilif sets off for the village White Rock to sell the wolves pelts and try to recruit somebody as well.

I rolled again for an involuntary encounter and again got none, so Eilif is now in White Rock and he is doing a Carousing encounter. The village is formed by a Blacksmith's and two huts (rolled on the charts) so it is a very small settlement. 

Outside the village he meets with a healer Rep 4 with the name of Ralha Part and as they exchange pleasentries, Einar trades three of his wolves' pelts for 3 Increasing Rep d6s. 

He then enters into the Blacksmith's and there he meets the blacksmith Rowlf Rep 4 and a group of three townsfolk, a labourer, a tradesman and a dancing girl. Eilif has been in the wild for too long and is eyeballing the dancing girl who is giggling and staring back at him. He starts a conversation with her and in no time they leave the blacksmith's together (Eilif gets another 3d6 Increasing Rep d6s).

Later, he returns to the smithy and after a bit of sweet talk with the labourer Markus (Rep 4, AC 2, axe and shield) he convinces him to accompany him on his next adventure. Eilif loses 1d6 with the sweet talk and another buying him a shield.

He now talks with the blacksmith and sells him his last wolf pelt as well as his AC2 armour that replaces with a new AC4 armour. He has 6 Increasing Rep d6s unspent.


  1. Going to be difficult using a bow or two handed weapon.

    1. On thees rules your character can swap automatically between bow and sword.

    2. Difficult as he has only one arm.

    3. You can see in the pics he's got two arms, and he either uses the bow or the sword and knife.

    4. Yes. But the narrative says the last wolf ripped his arm off!
      Sorry if that upsets the apple cart, but I didn't write the script.
      I did enjoy the aar though

    5. Ooh, now I see what you mean. Well, that is a mistake as I meant just his arm being ripped but not totally ripped off. English is not my L1 so I made many mistakes, sorry. I run to correct it.

    6. Mi mujer es Cubana, Guantanamera. Mi Espanyol es pequeño I know how it is!

    7. I like Cuban people. I have a few friends from there and there is a small comunity of them here in Canary Islands. Tu español no está nada mal ;-)

  2. Replies
    1. I'm using the rules as they are in this regard so I don't know what's gonna happen next but I hope to find it out soon.

  3. Good looking gaming, Javier - lovely terrain and great looking figures.

  4. Very atmospheric! Lovely figures and terrain!

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment Phil. I'm glad you liked it.

  5. Uhhhhh... you are reactivating that THW itch, shame on you! Seems to have been a cool game, plus the gorgeous stuff you are playing with!

  6. The itch never disappears, just comes and goes. Cheers :)

    1. Totally agree with that. How do you like the new ruleset? It's kind of cheap for THW product, I might give it a go.

    2. Well, I wrote this new version so I can only tell you that I like it a lot :P

  7. Good idea using two models to represent your hero with bow and sword. I wouldn't have thought of that. This is reminding me I need to catch up with my Five Leagues campaign.

  8. It was a coincidence I noticed when I started to play the encounter and decided to use it. Yes, you need to catch up with your 5leagues and I the same to conclude Sven's Seven campaign but real life is a bitch :)