Chaos Warriors

Two friends have resumed painting their 4th edition Warhammer armies (High Elves and Undead) so I have painted these Chaos Warriors for my Chaos army to get some extra points deployed on the table.

The reason why I haven't painted them before is because I never liked these miniatures. Actually, I bought the army box, painted and then sold them years ago. All except these ones that I didn't paint until now.

So I did some speed painting on them to have them ready for battle. I sprayed them in light metal, then I painted base colours, red for shields and cloaks, dark grey for boots and furs, bone for horns and skulls and gold. Then I washed them with acrylic Betumen of Judea and once dry, gave them some quick lights with the same base colours plus a dot of white.

They are now ready either for The Old World or for my friends finishing their armies; whatever comes first.


  1. Great looking Chaos Warriors, Javier. The fur capes look great.

  2. Nice job! If those minis are speed painted, then your figures must be really impressive when you take your time!

    1. Actually, my non-speed painted figures look only slightly better :D

  3. Quite nice, particularly for speed painting!