Naughty Neighbours

So in the end I decided that Falbalá was carrying one scroll of resurrection and that Sven decided to spend it on his friend Juggo. The first thing Juggo asked was if he had killed that Troll. He got mad when they told him; and then very depressed when he knew his friend Grom didn't make it, and that he couldn't assist at his burial.

It's been a whole week since Juggo being totally drunk and barely recovering from his wounds, that a Dwarf knocked at the door of Falbala's farm where they all were resting. His name was Oggi, but his friends call him Nugget. He asked for help as some nasty creatures were coming out from a whole he did in his mine.

Oggi the Nugget at his mine.

As Juggo was still recovering, Sven decided to take Finbull and Falbalá with him and "Nugget" to his mine while the old Snorri (Healer) took care of Juggo.

For this encounter I am using the Warrior Heroes Legends rules for Dungeoning.

As soon as they entered they met a couple of Ghouls. At the back of the picture you can see the laid out of the dungeon with poker cards.

Ghouls charged but one bolt from Finbull's crossbow made one to Duck Back behind a rubble. The other one was easily dispatched by Sven.

After that, Oggi and Sven charged and killed the other Ghoul. Oggi told them these weren't the creatures he had told them about.

The group kept moving and going down the mine until they met with a nest of spiders that seemed to come out from the chasm.

The adventurers reacted first and Falbalá stunned two spiders with a Dazzle Spell while Finbull put another one Out of the Fight. Sven and Oggi waited for the rest of the spiders to charge them and then kill them all easily.

The group kept moving forward and found several treasures until they reached the end of the dungeon, but they couldn't find the creatures Oggi had told them about.
On their way back out of the dungeon they stumbled with those naughty neighbours (the big bad). An Undead Caster (Liche) plus six animated minions.

The undead reacted first and the Liche stunned the three Dwarfs with a spell, and then the skellies charged en masse!

A stunned character gets automatically Out of the Fight when he is contacted by an enemy, but as Dwarves have the racial attribute of "Resilient" that let them ignore the first OOF result, they quickly recovered and Ducked Back through the corridor and closed the door.

On the next turn the skeletons charged, but due to the narrow corridor they couldn't take advantage of their numeric superiority and so they were quickly put down by the stubborn Dwarves. Also Falbalá casted a spell of protection on them.

When the Dwarves finally could act, they opened the door and finished the rest of the skeletons, and then Finbull shot a bolt at the Liche who took cover behind one of the sepulchres.

In the next turn the Liche didn't move and then Sven and Oggi charged it and destroyed it.

And that was the end of the Encounter. I didn't have time to loot the Liche and other creatures, nor to check all the magic items I found in the treasure room, nor check if they gained experience and skills, but everything is noted down on a paper and I'll check it later.


  1. Dang, nice! These adventures are gripping! The card flipping mechanic was a bit of pure brilliance by Ed in this rules set. Never seen a dungeon crawler use them before.

  2. The card mechanic is something really outstanding and I love it. I¡ll be always using it.

  3. Wonderful batrep. Destroying a Liche must feel satisfying. You reactivate that old THW itch that won't leave me alone...

  4. You know, I always come back to THW. Right now Ed and I are updating the old Warrior Heroes - Legends to latest mechanics as well as introducing some new concepts and encounters.