Valley run

I've just painted this little guy sculpted by Copplestone. His name is Bubba Oddfoot, a merry little Hobbit or Halfling who gets a food and a pint by telling funny stories, riddles and songs.

Going back to the story, Sven and his friends come to their senses and see they are locked in a cabin in the Goblins encampment. There are also some people with them; a terrified woman with her two children and a little Hobbit, staring intently at Sven.

As soon as he sees you are awake, he introduces himself and then tells you they have all been kept alive for next morning Goblin's fun breakfast, but that he can sneak out, get the keys and all their gear and escape together, as Goblins are not very good at being on guard watch.

So this scenario starts with the Dwarfs, woman with children and Bubba, running down through the valley to escape from the Orcs and Goblins. The sun is already up and the Goblins have noticed their prisoners have escaped and now are on their pursuit. 

Sven party has a slight advantage but Dwarf short little legs are not good for a run.

They know they have been discovered when they see a pair of Wargs coming their way. They have to run faster.

Finbul puts down one with his trusty crossbow but now a pack of them, leaded by a male alpha, appears in front of them!

Finbul kills another one before the clash.

Bubba moves aside with the woman and the children, leaving the fight for the Dwarfs.

But one of the Wargs charges them and he has to fight it off.

With one mighty blow (white die is Sven's) Sven kills both the male alpha and another Warg. Juggo has no problems killing a Warg and neither Snorri with his spear. Bubba barely survived to his encounter with one.

As the party resume moving they are ambushed by two Goblins coming out from the nearby bushes! Goblins have the initiative this turn.

Juggo kills one Goblin without trouble but Bubba does not and he breaks away from it. 
More Goblins are pursuing them from behind.

And yet more come to their right, and Orc and a Goblin archer. But now they are pretty close to the exit.
Snorri stops the ambushing Goblin, who is then wounded by his chasing comrades when they loose some arrows at them. Finbul is missing all his shots, he better keeps running with the rest.

"Hurry up!"

In the last moment an Orc boss rushes from the bushes on their left. They should run faster before he catches them up.

Bubba and the woman with children have all escaped but Sven and Juggo halt to wait for Finbul and Snorri. So the big Orcs finally get them while the rest of Goblin archers loose many arrows now they are finally in range.

After an epic fight the Dwarfs kill all the Orcs and Goblins close to them, and finally escape, leaving Goblin archers behind. In the last moment Finbul is hit by an arrow and falls down but it was not fatal.


  1. Great looking little guy; wonderful looking game too.

  2. Great stuff, Javier! Everything looks so bright and the models have been painted with the love they deserve!

  3. Thanks Miguel, those Orcs & Goblins were painted one by one for Mordheim, and the same with the Dwarfs now. I painted deliberately one by one to enjoy painting and the hobby. Painting en masse is necessary sometimes but it is alienating.