Old Snorri and Finbul.

These are Snorri and Finbul, my latest painted Dwarfs. They are neighbours and good friends since the beginning. Snorri is a very old and honorable Dwarf who has seen many things in his long life. He has to lean on his spear from time to time, but his arm still remembers how to thrust through.
Finbul is a practical Dwarf who trusts only his crossbow, as he thinks that though he is not fast enough, nobody is faster than one of his bolts.

So Sven and Juggo hurry for Snorri's homestead and when they arrive they meet him at the entrance of it, which has been completely destroyed by the greenskins, fully arrayed for battle and ready to chase them. 
Then they can see some smoke coming up from the nearby Finbul's farm and the three of them run there fearing the worst.

When they reach Finbul's farm they can see some greenskins around it taking cover, and one Goblin dead on the ground with a crossbow's bolt on his chest. It seems Finbul has locked himself in his cabin and that they have arrived on time to save him!

The cabin hasn't got removable roof so I deployed Finbul on its border, representing he is actually inside.

The Greenskins ignore Sven and Juggo and hurry for the house, starting to bang on boty doors with their axes.

As they run towards the house, a Goblin in ambush pops out and looses an arrow to Snorri, seriously wounding him.

While they are attacking the Goblin archer, three more come out from the woods at their backs.

The doors won't hold much longer so they resume running after killing the Goblin archer, with the rest of pack right behind them.

Snorri hides behind the hedge to take cover from arrows as well as to delay the Goblins while Sven and Juggo engage with the other greenskins, who finally destroy the door and enter in the house to kill Finbul.

They kill the greenskins inside the house but some more are coming down the hill behind the cabin, and Juggo shelters behind the hedge and waits for them.

Many arrows missed Snorri until one of them hits home and finally puts him out of fight!

Sven joins forces with Juggo to contain the Orcs and Goblins on the fence.

They kill them all but more are coming from behind. Two of them corner Juggo who was already badly injured from the previous melee, and he is finally down. Sven goes for the Goblin archer.

Now Sven is surrounded by three Goblins whereas two more are coming for Finbul.

Sven breaks and seeks refuge in the cabin but he is engaged again but two of the Goblins. Finbul comes out through the other door pursued by two Goblins, and he falls down by an arrow fired but the Goblin who was left alone at the bottom.

Sven fights desperately against the last Goblins but has no luck with dice rolls and after several wounds he is finally knocked down!

There were 23 greenskins in total and there were only six of them remaining when Sven was taken down. They almost made it.
Anyway, after that I rolled to see if they were dead, and all of them turned to be alive, so I considered they had surprisingly been taken alive as prisoners to be interrogated by the greenskins' mysterious boss.

To be continued...


  1. Great looking minis. Enjoyed the report

    1. Thanks Simon. Most of them are Kev Adams's old school metal minis painted with love. Regarding the story, I must say I was surprised all of the Dwarfs fell down as I expected them to survive. It was a bit hard for them in the end. we'll see how they do in the next episode, trying to escape from Orcos with their short legs.

  2. Great batrep and beautiful dwarves! Nothing filthy at all this time! ;)

    1. Thx Miguel! The only filthy thing this time was their underpants! ;-)

    2. No more details... PLEASE.

    3. Actually, there were no underpants. The only ones using them in those times were High Elves ;-P

  3. Another great bit of storytelling. It's lovely to see some old school miniatures and scenery (the old style card farmhouse) being put to good use. I look forward to the inevitable escape attempt!

    1. Thanks Alan! The house is from the supplement for the WFB 2nd edition, Blood's bath at Orcs Drift,drawn by Dave Andrews, and illustrated by Gary Chalk; great supplement.

  4. Lovely figures and terrain!

    1. Thanks Dean, you're too kind. Best regards,