Sven's Seven

As I did about ten years ago with a couple of Fantasy campaigns (Einar saga & Beran adventures ) to keep me motivated to paint some miniatures, I decided to start a new one to paint a handful of Dwarfs that have been gathering dust since ages in my wardrobe. 
So this little campaign is going to be about a Dwarf called Sven, who is going to meet fellow Dwarfs as I am painting them. And this is his story:

The Dwarf Sven was grandson of the famous Sven who went to Lustria decades ago and fought an epic battle of seven against hundred of Slanns. Young Sven is on his 140 birthday, and after much daydreaming, he has decided to become a legend like his grandfather, and many others before him.

It is deeply settled in his mind that to achieve such a glorious renown, he must not only undertake an almost impossible deed, but it must be an epic saga involving the number seven. His granddad's saga was "The Magnificent Sven"; and this epic tales run together with others equally or even more famous like "Seven against Teclis", "Gandalf White and the Seven Dwarfs", "The seven works of Hyrklyl", "Sven of the Seven Seas" (another Sven), or the infamous tale of "Seven brides for seven Dwarfs". Heck, even his own name, Sven, means seven when spelt it in a different order.

Sven also thinks that the best place to properly start his adventure is his granddad's mausoleum, which has been neglected for a few years and lately, it has been invaded and desecrated by foul Goblins.

So he must first gather a band or seven worthy members for this saga, and his first choice to start with is his neighbour Juggo Junior II, also grandson of the famous Juggo Jorikkson from the Magnificent Sven's tale, and slayer as him. He recruits him by making him think there is a troll in his grandfather's hall.

Thus, Sven and Juggo prepare for the journey and set off on Sven's Hall in the mountains at the top of Meledire valley.

At the next day they reach Sven's mausoleum.

As soon as they enter they meet a strange man. Sven angrily demands an explanation of his presence. His name is Tak and he is looking for his young brother as they split when running from a band of Goblins.

They decide to join forces and enter into the tomb. It seems to be empty but the floor is littered with dung and rotten half eaten animals. Juggo's beard bristles in anticipation.

Tak walks faster than Dwarfs and reaches the next door first, stumbling into a group of Goblins!

He manages to hold them until the Dwarfs come to help him...

and then they quickly dispatch the Goblins.

They resume walking towards the main chamber.

As they move forwards they find Tak's brother, who is hiding behind a rubble. Sven also spots a Mithril chainmail hidden in the rubble. It was his grandfather's.

Then some nasty spiders attack them but are easily eliminated.

But they keep coming and Tak succumbs to them.

More and more spiders come so they form a line to hold them.

Tak's brother is also put out of combat and now some Goblins come to support the spiders!

Soon they clear the room but as they keep going they are attacked again by two giant rats.

They run to the final chamber with the rats chasing them close...

and there they are ambushed by two more rats and get surrounded.

 Sven finally cleans his grandfather mausoleum with the help of Juggo.

Neither Sven nor Juggo got any advancement from this little adventure, but Sven now wears a Mithril mail shirt and they also looted 6 gold coins from the dead Goblins.

They also find out that one of the Goblins is still alive. From him they learn Greenskins are on the path of war and that several war parties are attacking the farms in the valley. Old Snorri's homestead is nearby so they quickly set off on there, fearing for that old Dwarf.

To be continued...


  1. Very nice story/scenario played out on a great scenery map. Quick character movements and action propels the adventure forward into neat and unexpected confrontations. Great job. Waiting for more.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Jay. As I said, the adventure is conditioned to my painting speed, so it'll be more but don't know when :)

  2. I always go back and read Einar's Saga whenever I think about playing WHAA, which is several times a year! What system are you using for this one?

    1. You flatter me :)
      I'm tinkering with homebrew rules.

  3. I have fond memories of 'The Magnificent Sven'. Second edition warhammer was my introduction to wargaming many moons ago. I shall enjoy following the adventures of his grandson!

    1. That was also my introduction to Fantasy Wargaming. I spent many days and nigts dreaming about Lustria...