Epic Bad Moon Clan retinue for itEN

I chose Bad Moon because yellow can see from afar in 6 mm. These are the first Orks I have painted and I have realised they are much more difficult to paint than plain Space Marines with their one colour armours.

Anyway, with these boyz finished I'm ready to start my itEn solo campaign. Soon they'll see some action!


  1. Good choice of colour, amazing job on these. Bad moon clan is the richest because their teeth grow faster!
    Those komando figures are great, I even converted mine into 3 different poses :)

  2. Yes, I saw them on your nano solo blog and they are awesome, as well as your terrain for them.
    I wish I had half your skill.
    I hope to star my campaign soon, possibly next week.

  3. Wow, un color amarillo realmente bien conseguido.
    Una pena que los hayas basado individualmente.

    Habría que ver cómo te quedaba un ejército completo, para Epic, así en amarillo.