Trouble in the frontier. ITEN 6 mm solo campaign

As I only have painted Space Marines, Chaos, Squats and Orks so far, I decided to run the campaign "Trouble in the frontier", using Space Marines as my personal retinue, Space Orks as main enemy and Chaos and Squats as secondary ones.

As usual, all pictures are clickable.

I have in my retinue one Librarian with the psyker power "Path of shadows", 1 devastator marine with missile launcher (as it does not exist in the weapons list, I chose rokkit launcha stats instead), and 4 Tactical Space Marines with Power Armour and Bolters.

I rolled "Whispers in the dark" in the investigative missions chart: A member of the Enemy camp wishes to come forward and offer assistance to your investigation. The informant (placed in the middle of the board) must be safely escorted off the board. If the player gets him off-table, he will earn 1 Victory pt.

The Ork retinue consisted of 1 Warboss, 1 Nob, 4 Komanndos, 3 boyz and 1 'ard boy.

Ork line racing forward

In the first turn both retinues run towards the objective in the centre of the board (the traitor, represented by a Chaos Sorcerer figure).

In the second turn the Librarian reached and captured the traitor. The Devastator shot and killed the 'Ard boy first, and then thanks to its Gun kata, he fired again and killed the Warboss! The rest of the Space Marines fired and got one Kommando KO.
The Ork Nob avenged his boss and killed the Devastator with his big shoota.

In the third turn the mauled Orks gained the initiative and advanced and fired, missing all shots. Marines started to fall back and missed all their firing as well.

In the fourth turn Marines gained the initiative again and kept retreating and firing, most of them taking cover in the ruins. The Ork Nob, using Torrent of fire, managed to kill another Marine, the one who did not get to the ruins!

In the next turn Marines moved first again and the Librarian and the traitor left the board, thus accomplishing the mission. The rest of the Marines kept moving back and shooting, this time killing one more Ork and leaving two of them KO.

The Tactical Space Marines behind cover, buying time for the Librarian to escape.


  1. Mooola!
    ¿Cómo has modificado las medidas para jugar con 6mm?

  2. Lo clásico, centímetros en lugar de pulgadas.

  3. Sip, muy muy chulo, me mola todo a si en plan chiquitito, ojo que no es cuestión de complejos ehh¡¡, con el poquito espacio del que tengo ahora en casa, me parece la mejor solución, genial¡¡

  4. En eso ando yo. En casa no tengo sitio para nada y por eso sólo juego 6 y 10mm. En casa de los colegas juego 28mm :)

  5. 6mm me parece excesivamente pequeño.
    No te rayes Condottieri y no bajes de los 10mm para minis individuales.

    BlackSmith, pensé que habrías reducido aún más las medidas; nosotros normalmente para jugar en 15mm, hacemos eso.

  6. 6mm is the new thing. Great to see your 6mm skirmish stuff. We are currently working on a 6mm fantasy skirmish game using Broadsword Adventures.

    When shall we see Einar again?

  7. I'm playing sci-fi 6mm because there are no enough options in 10mm.
    Why don't play skirmish fantasy in 10mm as I do? I think it's the perfect scale.
    Einar has arrived to his future castle and he's waiting for me to build it up :)
    Too many Oooh shiny things in my path I'm afraid :)
    Are you using Broadsword as it is, or with modifications?

  8. The only change we make to BA is to halve all the ranges and movement distances. We don't feel the need to modify it, although I am tempted to rework the scenarios using 2nd edition 45 Adventures now. I'm not sure how that would work but I like the changes made to 45A.

    We stick to 6mm figures because we use the ones that are left over from our 6mm army building projects. Buying into 10mm would require buying new terrain and lots of new figures. For BA we only need half a dozen per side, so a full pack of Pendraken 10mm or similar would be too many figures and we would have to get several packs to get a range of figures. With this in mind, it is easier just to take a strip or two of 6mm figures that we already have, cut them up into individual figures and use those.

  9. I see.
    I hope to see soon those 6mm fantasy figures individually based.

  10. That is inspiring stuff there sir.

    Muy Bien.

  11. Have you got any more 6mm ITEN games ready to play yet?

  12. Not yet I'm afraid as my hobby time is limited and I have sooo many projects working at the same time.
    I'll finish this campaign eventually ;-)