Epic retinues for In the Emperor's Name!

I am finishing my retinues in 6 mm for the incoming release of the second edition of the 40K skirmish rules, In the Emperor's Name!
As usual, all pictures are clickable.

Blood Angels with Librarian, Captain, Sergeant, Devastators, Tactical Marines and an ancient Dreadnought.

Chaos Space Marines with a Dreadnought from the time of the Space Crusade. The Beastmen will probably proxy as Chaos Cultists.

Squats retinue in the works, and after this one the Space Orks!

Now if I only can put my hands on a Genestealers sprue I'd be a very happy wargamer. If someone reading this has an spare Genestealer sprue and wants to sell it or change it for other Epic stuff, please contact me.

Si alguien tiene una matriz de Robagenes de Epic, se la compraría o cambiaría por algo de Epic.


  1. Amazing! You have inspired me to return to my roots and do some 6mm painting again!

  2. I'm cutting their plastic bases out and sticking the miniatures on cut off heads of metal drawing pins/thumbtacks.

  3. Hola Javier como estás? Unos años después te consulto por el juego In the Emperor's name, no se si podré contactarme contigo. Gracias

    1. Hola Guido, puedes escribirme a frajahema[arroba]gmail[punto]com