Operation Squad. First battle.

Today we played our first game of Operatio Squad. Our game did not go very well as I had not slept the night before and besides I had got flu, and my opponent had not read the rules. Actually, we run out of time and we could not finish it, although the victory was closer to Germans.

We played in one of the board games of a local shop, and with some of the figures from its studio.

We played the scenario number three, take the bridge, and we quickly were shooting at each other from the forests.

(We had to move the bridge off the road and put in the centre of the board as per the scenario).

Below you can see some instants from the game. All pictures are clickable.

Russians on the right flank spotted and pinned, with comissar in the forest at the bottom.
More Ruskies with a sargeant and a sniper on the left flank.
Germans closing to the bridge using the forest as cover
Germans on its left flank pinned by the Russian sniper
Here we can see the German and the Russian sargeants next to the bridge and throwing grenades at each other. The German was wounded and the Russian KIA.

I hope to post a proper battle report from our second game on friday.


  1. Great looking table and figures. How big is the playing area?

  2. I think it's the same size as Mordheim, which is played with a similar number of sigures.
    We didn't feel it was big. Also, fire weapons have ranges up to 80 cm.