Operation Squad. Second game.

Today we played the mission 5 from the rulebook, but slightly modified. All the wonderful miniatures and terrain are from Estudio Porto.

I commanded a squad of seasoned Panzergrenadiers with two Mg34 and two servants, vs. a Red Guard squad with one sniper and one DP light machine gun with servant, commanded by Adolfo.

All the pictures are clickable.
The battlefield

There was a partisan in the middle of the table with vital information and we both had to capture him and his documents for interrogation.

German forces about to cross the road

I deployed one Mg34 with server and supported by one rifleman on each flank, and the rest of the squad behind the central wood. The Russians deployed two soldiers on the left flank, only one on the rigth one, and the rest inside the central wood in his deployment zone.

Machine guns giving support to advancing troops

While the central forces advanced towards the partisan, both flanks were shooting at each other, with the Germans dominating the left flank and the Russians the right one.

Germans dashing through the road and Russians crawling through the woods, towards the objective.

Germans exchanged with Russians wounded per dead, and soon the numeric superiority was noted.

-Schnell! -Davai!

Finally, the Germans managed to capture the partisan and take him back to their lines. Axis victory.

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