[WIP] Red Sand Purple Sky. Undead night attack.

Beran came back to his village and told them what had happened. The villagers listened to him in awe but also very scared, thinking of the possible retaliation from the undead. Beran explained them that their leader, the witch, was slain, and the menace had disappeared. But that night a horrible scream woke up everybody in the village; they were surrounded by the undead. The monsters without the guidance of their master, and very hungry, had headed en masse to the village for a late dinner.
Beran, the chieftain and some warriors quickly armed up and dashed outside to face the attackers. They heard strange noises coming from the north, so they run towards it but found nothing; they advanced a little more and again found nothing. But the creeping noises kept coming from the dark outside the village, so they dare to go even further in the night and suddenly discovered a horde of zombies led by an ill pale eater of the dead, a ghoul!
One of the warriors of the village madly charged without second thought and smashed against a wall of dead flesh which effortlessly engulfed him. As the warrior disappeared, Beran wisely decided to step aside and wait for the rest.
Half of the zombies were attracted by Beran whereas the other half was still devouring the fool, when all the warriors charged and clashed against them. The chieftain sliced off the guts of one zombie and one warrior nailed the ghoul's head with his spear. Beran lose his melee and one zombie hit his groins, causing him a serious wound and forcing him to give ground.
The undead kept pressing but were not able to penetrate shields and armour with bare hands. A veteran warrior killed another zed, but most of the zombies were now behind Beran. Fortunately for him, they were so slow that only two of them could attack him at the same time. Beran spent four dice and managed to kill one and kept at bay the other one. That was close, but he was running out of dice very fast.
The zombies were resisting the warriors (many draws and pushing back and a few knocks down) and Beran desperately needed to brake from melee and drink a healing potion as he was only one die left from the pool. He was barely holding and waiting for help.
Finally the warriors could overcome the zombies and run to help Beran, who could drink his potion and join the fight to help to finish the rest of the zombies.
Beran killed two zombies and then moved apart and let the warriors finish the remaining ones. The village was safe, but the villagers blamed Beran for awakening the undead and bringing them to their homes.
The council decided to exile Beran immediately, and only let him to take with him the battered shield of the fallen warrior and a new healing potion of 5 dice pool that the healer of the village gave him.
Beran left the village without never looking back and headed to the forests of the south in search of new adventures. He had gained
20 APs in this encounter.


  1. This is looking like great fun. THW certainly is very versatile and players with imagination can do anything.
    While we butcher Ed's rules all the time, we have not tried this angle on RSBS, it looks like a really great idea.

  2. Agreed - this is a cool add-on for RSBS and following it closely. Did the number of dice pools in this game slow the action down? Keep us posted!

  3. The number of dice pools didn't slow the game because the only one with dice pool was Beran, the rest don't have it; they never get tired but die on the first wound. Only the Star (you),the enemy bosses and optionally Star's followers, have dice pool.
    This simplifies a lot the melee and it works a treat.