Reconaissance before Ponte Corvo, Italy. 19 May 1944.

Our second game was a reconnaissance scenario from the book Hit the dirt as it was company level and it let us use the hidden rules as well. All German forces were hidden and counted with one fortification package and three snipers. I played with the Canadians (my American infantry) and my objective was to successfully observe German positions and make it back alive in less than five hours and a half.
We played it at Porto, a local shop whose manager kindly let us play to games he does not sell in the shop, as well as use his tables and scenery (thanks Adolfo!).
As usual all pictures are clickable.

Canadians entering on the right. Germans hidden.
The German player did not place his troops very well as they were very separated among them and without supporting fire lines. Even worse, once a German position was spotted, he left them there unsupported until destroyed, instead of retreating them out of sight, for example. I merely had to attack each time with two squads against it.

Neither German mortars of snipers had luck suppressing or killing Allies except my FO, and although Canadians suffered a few casualties, they easily managed to explore the whole board in half the time allowed, killing most of the Germans in the process, and getting 20 Victory points and a Victory. I did not get a Decisive Canadian Victory by just one victory point.

Below there is the last fire fight of the battle. A Canadian platoon is ambushed in a forest and when another Canadian platoon from the left jumped the hedge to help them, was intercepted by the last German platoon, hidden in rough terrain. He did some damage but not enough, and then in my initiative I finished the German in the wood and then retreat all my troops out of sight from the ones in the rough terrain, to finally exit the east board edge will all my remaining troops.

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