[WIP] Red Sand Purple Sky. A new hero is born!

What I am starting here is a personal campaign project. I love Two Hour Wargames (THW) rulebooks and I'm enjoying at the moment the Einar's saga campaign with Warrior Heroes Armies and Adventurers (WHAA) and just finished the Spartacus one with Red Sand Blue Sky (RSBS). Another game that I loved a lot was the computer one "Diablo" from Blizzard.

This new project is about that. I want to play a fantasy campaign of one hero ala Diablo; a barbarian who hacks and slashes and accomplishes short quests whereas gains experience, skills and better weapons and armour.
To do this I am using RSBS for the melee, with its dice pool system to represent the stamina of the hero and enemy bosses; plus Legends of Araby (LOA) to interact with NPCs and get quests, and also some new things from CR 3.0 and WHAA like PEF markers and new missions. All this together with a lot of house rules of my own to fills gaps and give coherency.
I baptised the monster with the temporary name of Red Sand Purple Sky (smart, isn't it?).

So I picked up a GW's plastic Marauder and painted it with its head and arms separated, and stuck with blu-tack to later swap them with heads with different helmets and a variety of weapons and shields, as the character progresses in the campaign and gains new items and skills.

Our new hero will be a Northern barbarian, a little bit more beefy and taller than his neighbours (XL size), with starting Rep 4, armed with a crude morning star, some light armour on his lower legs and belly, and equipped with an amulet (+1 against some magic spells) and some healing herbs (+3 dice pool when taken -one use-). His armour total weight is 36 so he is allowed to move up to 5 inches.

The story starts in his village. There have been some strange missings, the last one a child; also cattle devoured and weird noises around the streets of the village during the night. The villagers gossip that something uncanny is happening in the far and now desolate former village, where the cemetery is. Thus, that night, Beran heads for the cemetery with the intention to unveils the mystery.

I borrowed all the terrain from two friends but miniatures are all mine. As usual, all pictures are clickable.

At the top of the picture below, our hero is about to enter into the ruined and haunted village. The zombies you see are PEF markers representing possible enemy forces.
Beran advances and meets the first PEF, but it results to be a false alarm. Perhaps he is a little bit nervous, being a superstitious barbarian and all that.

Our hero entering into the unknown
The second PEF resulted to be a lonely zombie who seemed very surprised of seeing somebody alive in its neighbourhood. The zombie does not reach Beran (it moves only 3 inches).
In the next initiative Beran attacks it but fails and has to fall back and burn 1d10. Now it is zombie's turn but he fails as a zombie he is, and Beran smashes with the morning star into the zombie's chest and he is out. In this short encounter Beran has spent 5 dice pool and so he still has 15 left.
Beran keeps advancing without resting and as he enters into the cemetery, he spots a woman with a floating book in front of her, surrounded by opened up tombs, and chanting some spooky litany that although he cannot understand it gives him creeps. The witch also spots him and gestures her hand to casts a spell.
She tries "Shield of magic" but fails. Then she tries again with "Air of Strength" on her before the barbarian gets closer, but once again she fails and moreover, she suffers a Backslash that leaves her dazzled and with 5 dice pool less!
Seizing the initiative Beran charges her, but somehow she manages to stop him for now.
The witch is still dazzled but nonetheless she tries a new spell. She tries "Suggestion" on Beran, who fiercely fights it off and escapes unscathed. Now Beran counter strikes and smashes her left ankle, knocking her to the ground.
The witch is lying on the floor totally spent and begs for mercy, but the barbarian with a mighty blow, squishes her skull and spills her blood all around. -DIE WITCH!
The mystery now looks solved. The tiny necromancer was unresting the old dead from the abandoned cemetery. Beran picks up the witch' spells book and goes back to his village to explain everything.
He has gained 19 Advancement points.


  1. Very cool! An exciting adventure.

  2. Great idea!
    Love the graveyard

  3. Muy interesante.
    Me gusta eso de los avances,

    Jugaré mi version con SBH, y las minis de Splintered Light

  4. Great little project. I look forward to seeing how it progresses.

    What we need is a Sagas of Mirholme book, just like Legends of Araby, but featuring figures I actually own! One day I might write it. Honest. :-)

  5. Ruarigh, I also thought about writing a SOM but leave it as I didn't have enough knowledge about Norse myths, legends and sagas as well as names and places.
    I would be too cool to have a campaign about it. You can count on me for that!
    Many thanks to all for the compliments.
    I'm planning to have all kind of encounters with Beran.

  6. This is exactly want I sought after playing a couple games of RSBS. I can't wait to see how you handle all it...

    Any chance you can give the "stats" for the bad guys? Also, have you thought on how many baddies per encounter that your hero can take. I'm wondering if more 'minions' that you do the simple WHAA fighting and more the special characters, you do a more drawn out fight.

  7. For the number of minions my hero can encounter I just simply roll on the how many of them? WHAA table, which it gives you a quantity between 1 and 3. Then I roll for the Rep of the baddy and for the equipment I follow WYSIWYG.
    The zombie was simply a Rep 3 unarmed with -1 in the manouver table and moving half its normal rate; and the necromancer was a Rep 4 human using the list of spells in WHAA with a slight variation in its use, as she spends 1-4 dice from the pool when casting, as other characters do in melee.
    Right now I only have loose notes here and there, but with time I hope to gather them all in one writing and pass it to the THW group.

  8. For minions - aka if the monster has the minion tag, I was going to revert to WHAA combat (roll per the rep and count successes), but have the hero only expend 2 dice from their pool. The hero can elect to spent only 1 die, but fights at half Rep (rounded up). If the minion puts the hero OOF - use the pass 1d10 success in melee per RSBS, if takes OD result, use the pass 2d10 result per RSBS. Just a thought, I haven't tried it yet.

    Still love what you are doing!

  9. What I'm doing with minions is not giving them dice pool and killing them on the first wound they received. Bosses are a different matter though...

  10. Todas esas reglas caseras publicadas en un PDF bien maquetado serían un estupendo regalo para mi cumple ;)

  11. Slorm, te las puedes descargar del grupo yahoo de THW, en la carpeta de material de RSBS :)