FUBAR Shieldwall

As I quite liked latest FUBAR game, I tried FUBAR Medieval; but I do not have medieval models so I played with my Dark Age 1/72 figures. In the end, I took FUBAR Medieval and updated with FUBAR 5 plus some more things from FUBAR Carbon and my own.

By the way, I played this with the forces displayed in a FUBAR supplement called 1066 and all that.

So a Viking raiding party has arrived to take all the silver from the big church recently finished. They have been sighted and the bells been chiming to alert the lord of a nearby castle. The Saxons have formed two fyrds with the inhabitants of the village plus a small unit of archers with the intention to resist and delay the Vikings from their plundering until the arrival of their lord. 

The Jarl notices all this but after a quick thinking, he decides to run for the silver at the church.

First blood for the Saxon archers.

But they are caught by the fast Vikings...

and pay for that with their lives.

The Vikings are closing fast and still no sight of the Saxon reinforcments. In the picture below, I realised how well deployed my archers would have been behind the wall and between the two fyrds, being them able to shoot to all incoming Vikings from there without any danger of being charged.


The fyrd is no match for the Viking berserks and huscarles, and their shieldwall holds only one push. They are massacred but do their killing too before the end.

On the left side the other Viking warband clashes against the second fyrd with similar results.

The theng finally arrives with a company of huscarles and another fyrd.

Too late to save the church that is being pillage in that moment.

The last berserk chases and murders the poor cleric.

The Saxons form Shieldwall in front of the Vikings, stopping them from escaping to their ships with the silver from the church.

The jarl proudly challenges the theng to a duel who quickly accepts it, sensing an opportunity to stop the powerful Vikings.

Meanwhile, one of the Viking warbands manages to flee with the silver, but they don't leave their jarl alone as another warband is coming to his aid. In the duel, the theng exchanges wounds with the jarl who receives the worst part.

The theng huscarles are attacked by a Viking warband.

Finally, the theng finishes the jarl.

Taking the opportunity the jarl's followers don't react, the theng charges the Viking warband to help his huscarles, but he is killed together with them.
Less than half of the Viking raiding party survived, and the jarl is not one of them, but he is surely laughing in Valhalla.
I am liking FUBAR and I think I'll have more games. I may try FUBAR skirmish next time and in my head there are already several ideas taking shape.


  1. Great looking game Javier. FUBAR is a great set of rules that you can add to for flavour for any period.

    1. Thanks Ben. Yes it is; right now I'm thinking about doing medieval/fantasy skirmishing (I have to take a look at those Cry Havoc scenarios) and also Africa in the 70-80; and also those WHF 2nd edition scenario supplements like Blood bath at Orc's drift or the enemy within. Endless posibilites :)

  2. Hi Javier! I won't comment the figures, perfect as usual. I must say that your wargaming table is impressive, at least 1,50x1,50, waow! The buildings, the fields... a piece of paradise :) Thank you very much for this battle report (don't know FUBAR, but I will check)

  3. My wargaming table is actually my bed, LOL! but thank you for your kind words. FUBAR is quite good IMHO, and it can used for many purposes as I said and it is only less than two pages! Give it a whirl ;-)

  4. Having grown up in a Saxon town in Wessex (or would have been) I know which side I was cheering for! A great game with lots of ups and downs

  5. Vikings were cruel raiders, but everybody loves them. It seems that you need to be Saxon to like them. Me for example, I bought those Saxons only to face my Vikings :)

    1. I suppose I should be a bit nicer to them, given two of my nieces are half Swedish ­čśé