5150 Xeog

Xeog are an alien race in the 5150 universe from Two Hour Wargames that you can meet in Gaea Prime - First Defense:
Xeog lineage can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient Shikar Empire. Most Xeog are part of a devout religious order whose sole purpose is the return of the Shikar Empire. Those are not the ones you're likely to run into. Those have made a science of moving stealthily through the universe. No, the ones that you will mostly encounter are the divas, the one's that enjoy the attention.
With naturally enhanced bio systems and strength, female Xeog strike a stunning pose. Keeping in line with their appearance and mind set, Xeog are too vain to wear any form of armor. Tall and slender these divas are not afraid to use whatever wiles are at their disposal to further their aims.

So searching the web I found these 15 mm miniatures from Ral Partha Europe that fit perfectly into their description, under the name of mercenary Vadorian assassins.


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