5150 Gaea Prime - First Defense 4th encounter - Raid.

Well, the last mission was a failed attack so the next mission had to be a Raid. Besides, my morale dropped to 4 and the Hishen's raised to 4 as well.
As usual I rolled for terrain and PEFs (Possible Enemy Forces) and then deployed 1st Squad with my Star character, Sargent Blacksmith Rep 5, Born Leader, Crack Shot, and Corporal Artois Rep 4, specialist Rep 4 with missile launcher, two grunts Rep 4 and one last Rep 3; all in Hard Body armor and armed with assault rifles.

Turn 1. Star Army 5 - Hishen 6.
One of the PEFs deployed in section 5 in the open and it was immediately resolved. It was a spaceship crew of Hishen in Soft Body Armor and with Parak Pistols, who was quickly dispatched by my squad. Only their leader Ducked Back to the forest behind him and survived, but then he left the battlefield. After that, the squad moved forward towards the woods in front of them. Hishen didn't activate.

Turn 2. Star Army 4 - Hishen 4, doubles and a squad of Shodow Corp appeared on sector 4. Then I rolled again for activation: SA 2 - Hishen 4 - Shadow Corp 6.
The Shadow Corp squad appeared right in front on my squad. They won the Reaction Test and fired first.

They hit all my men except the sargent who fired back and killed one merc. Fortunately, Shadow corp rolled low on damage and three of my men could Duck Back. After the reaction it was Star Army's turn, so St. Blacksmith threw a hand grenade and killed all the enemy squad except one, who fled afte that. 

Turn 3. SA 6 - Hishen 6, double but nothing happened. I rolled again and scored snake eyes but nothing happened. Rolled a third time and scored again doubles! This time a Zhuh-Zhuh spaceship crew appeared on sector 6. I rolled one more time for the activation of this turn and scored Star Army 4 - Hishen 5 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
After finishing the Shadow Corp squad I moved 1st squad to the border of the woods and waited there. One PEF approached by the road ot my position and the other retired behind the hills.

Turn 4. Star Army 5 - Hishen 6 - Zhuh-Zhuh 5.
Hishen didn't activate and Zhuh-Zhuh on Raid mission and without enemies on sight stayed put. I fast moved my squad to the city but two men didn't reach it.

Turn 5. Star Army 1 - Hishen 3 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
PEF on the road moved backwards and Zhuh-Zhuh sighted and resolved it, and it turned out to be nothing. The other PEF didn't move. I stayed in the building.

Turn 6. Star Army 5 - Hishen 2 - Zhuh-Zhuh 5.
The last PEF finally moved towards the nearest enemy and it turned out into a Hishen squad.

Hishen won the Reaction Test and killed all Zhuh-Zhuh in the open except the leader who ducked back behind the hill's ridgeline. One Hishen died and another ducked back. Afer that, in the Will to Fight Test that is taken whenever there are casualties, the Zhuh-Zhuh leader didn't flee the battlefield and all Hishen except their squad leader Hunkered Down.

Turn 7. Star Army 3 - Hishen 5 - Zhuh-Zhuh 6.
I moved my squad along the road and surprised the surviving Zhuh-Zhuh. Hishen didn't activate.

Turn 8. Star Army 1 - Hishen 2.
Hishen leader rallied his squad while my squad reached the building next to them.

Turn 9. Star Army 2 - Hishen 1.
I advanced my troopers through the building and sighted the flank of the Hishen. My squad finished all of them except one who later fled the battlefield.
Mission accomplished, return to base.

After the mission.
I rolled for my wounded grunt and he recovered. The other trooper was KIA so I rolled for replacements but didn't receive any, so now 1st Squad has only five soldiers. One grunt raised to Rep 5.
After investigating alien languages, I decided to research Mind Shield to protect my soldiers from Razor's Psy attacks. I had +1d6 bonus for eliminating everybody on the battlefield and I could pass without any problem the research, so from now onwards Star Army soldiers will wear Mind Shields as standard equipment.
As I won the Raid mission, the next one would be attack again.
Until then.

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