SAGA: Goths vs. Romans

A good friend and nice person, one of those who want to have some fun and do not care about winning at all costs, visited me for a game, so we played SAGA after many months of neglecting it.

He told me he will be bringing Goths so I picked up Romans, though I do not like the Impetus thing on the battleboard, that in my opinion it only complicates things unnecessarily. We played at six points.

I forgot to take pictures until turn two, in which I declared "Barritus". First I charged in the centre with a unit of ten warriors to his twelve levies armed with bow who killed one of my mounted hearthguards on the first turn. I killed half of the unit.

Then I fired with my bows in the forest and killed one enemy hearthguard and then I charged them with my seven remaining mounted hearthguards, and killed all but one!

But he also killed most of my cavalry, so it was a mutual slaugther.

Miracously, one of my mounted hearthguard survived and could escape from retaliation, so I could keep that order die. After that, my warriors in the centre used "Plumbatae" and reduced the enemy levy to four men, and then my men fell back and formed with the rest of the army, waiting for the Goths to come at them.

My friend smashed his cavalry againt the Romans in the centre and lost them all but one. He also charged with his still untouched unit of warrios to mine on the hill, and lost most of his men. As we were running out of time we decided to stop here and concede victory to Romans.

All in all a pleasant morning that we expect to repeat soon, but this time playing Saxons vs Britons.


  1. Fantastic stuff, Javier! Is there any tabletop you do NOT play? ;)

    1. Games Workshop's current games ;-)

    2. Hahar, that was a nice one! :D