The infected trees

  1. "Examining the bodies of the zombies, along with the other clues from the village, left little doubt. The village had been attacked by some horrific species of giant spider, whose venom reanimated the dead. Thankfully, such creatures move slowly. Likely, they will have retreated to the nearest shelter to slowly feast upon the missing villagers. Your duty is clear. Taking just enough time to patch up your wounds, and make a quick pyre for the dead, you set off after the spiders, following their faint, but unique tracks. After nearly a day’s pursuit, the tracks lead into a small forest. Chances are the spiders are not too deep in the woods. You must find them, destroy them and any nests they might have made, and, if you are lucky, rescue any survivors."

- Intrudersss!

Our ranger searches the first web cocoon and finds a zombie. The first spider tries to bite him.

- Let's feasst!

Entangled in a web, but having Strength 8 gives no troubles to break free.

A survivor!

Once again the bloodhound and the archer die. And this time the dog died from its wounds and the archer got a useless leg.

The last nest tree on turn 8. The group got destroyed all web cocoons and nest trees, found a treasure and a survivor. Not bad.