Miyazaki team

I finally painted a performance car and I did it to match it with my "Zero buggy". It is a Lamborghini huracán. I wanted to keep it as much aerodynamic as possible so I only added a small weapon on the roof that came from the ram of a GW's Battlefleet Gothic Lunar Cruiser.

The red dragon is a GW's fantasy decal from 1982 and I think it fits perfectly.

 On the other side I used the last red dot I had.

And here two snap shots of their first performance. It took the first position thanks to the perk power slide.

So I was doing it all right with both cars. the Lamborghini crossing the bridge and the buggy taking the other way. But in the end the Lamborghini went through the second gate flipping and ended exiting the game board; and the buggy scored four skids at high speed and crashed against the other side of the bridge and resulted destroyed, so a terrible performance in their first apparition.