PSC WWII German infantry painted for Battlegroup

I have just finished the box of Plastic Soldier Company WWII German infantry that I will be using for all my Battlegroup games. They have a few wrong things as Plastic Soldier Review pointed out, but they are also very well sculpted and casted miniatures in hard or rigid plastic, and a bargain too as you get one full platoon plus some extras in just one box.

They were fast painted at tabletop level but in the end I had to put more work on them because the spray varnish (from GW) turned them white, so I had to paint new lights on them to cover the mess and varnish them again, this time with a brush. Still you can see some of the white if you look at them closely. This is the last time I ever use a varnish spray can. 

The figure with binoculars and pointing is not from the box. I have to say that the box included many spare heads but none of them with an officer cap, so to have a lieutenant for my Battleground forces I borrowed this figure from a Revell artillery set, which I think it fits perfectly with the PSCs.

 Here you can see a Panzergrenadier team.

And here a Recon team with Sdkfz.

I have to say that I already had a German infantry platoon painted, but they are from Valiant miniatures; too big and with weapons a bit disproportionated for my taste. In the picture you can see clearly the huge gap between Valiant's and PSC's, both 1/72 scale.

And another comparison shot.


  1. Very nicely done! They look great
    Love Battlegroup

  2. Nice work.

    I agree with you on the spray varnish problem - I've ruined too many minis and kits so I never use it for final varnishing now.

    Agree with you too about the Valiant minis, they don't fit in with minis from any other manufacturer, far too big. I gave all mine away.

    1. I've been told that applying another layer it fixes the problem; I will try it and see.
      Yes, Valiant minis are huge. I bought them in a day because they were the only rigid plastic in the market, but now there is PSC :)