Attack - defense scenario at 500 points, second try.

This time I played the defender and in the picture below you can see my deployment in the central area of the table: a Stug III G squadron in the cornfields, a pak 40 in a dug-out on the road and next to it a Flak 37; at the top there is a trench with one Panzergrenadier squadron and the platoon command squadron in it. There is also a Kubelwagen on the road with the senior officer.

The Russians brought one T-34, one infantry squadron and one Zis-3. You can see some of them in the top left square of the picture below, with the German forces waiting for them to get closer.

And here is the Zis already deployed on the hill. It shot many times against the Stug in front of it which returned fire to avoid spotting. Ultimately, my Flak fired and killed one crewman and the rest abandoned the gun.

Obeying order from above, the Russians charged madly and when they passed the hill my Stug destroyed it and then my infantry slaughtered the already pinned tank riders.

The Russians were left without forces and had to wait until turn three to receive reinforcements. They scored a six and all the remaining tanks plus the senior officer and commissar entered the table. There was a tank duel from the hill in which the Russians killed one Stug III whereas my Pak40 destroyed one T-34.

Ray, a doggy German collaborationist also helped in the destruction of the Russian forces by completely devouring one Zis-2 and all its crew. It later was martial courted and shot (isn't it cute).

My senior officer finally could call for artillery strike and a 82mm mortar battery pinned all commanding staff on the hill, as well as my firing tanks which also pinned two of the Russian tanks. Later on, Russians had to draw two BR cards to rally all his forces.

Below you can see my reinforcements entering on turn 5; two Panzergrenadier squads plus a Pz-IV, on the road behind the house.

The Russians reached the hill containing one objective and destroyed another Stug III, the one behind the trench. I could not destroy any of his tanks in response but at least I was able to pin one of them.

In the last turn of the game my Flak killed the remaining HQ staff on the hill and the Russians broke. Game over for 35 to 12. In the end the Russians could not pass beyond that hill and take the other two objectives.


  1. What a great looking battlefield...and dog!

    1. Ray's owner was my Russian opponent, so he wasn't very happy his dog ate his troops, hhehe. Ray is a nice and good looking lad though.