Orctober fest!

It's Orctober fest again at Ernie's place and I want to take the opportunity to finish once and for all my Orc band for Mordheim. Right after these three guys I only need to paint the hero and the magician to finish it, and I hope to do it during Orctober fest!

I finished these three chaps yesterday. The two on the right will be the big 'uns.

A close up

And a group shot of the warband.


  1. Those shield's are really cool. Their foundry one's aren't they?

    Top job getting your orks done quick smart :) I reckon you'd have to be the first one to complete Orktober before anyone else has even started. Much better than I, my entry for last year was entered around about December :D


    1. Yep, they are Foundry's.
      Oh no,I painted those three this week but I started to paint the others a couple of months ago. What it is true is that I will finish my Orc Mordheim party in October ;-)

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    1. Thanks Jay. Orcs are fun and these ones even more. I love their faces, all of them so different

  3. Some of Kev's finest. Foundry and Blacktree if I'm not mistaken. The orcs you finished for Orctober are lookig great, bit of a 90's vibe going on with the red spears and shileds and nice range of skin colours. I think they make a stunning Orc Mordheim band.

  4. Yes, they are Foundry and BTD. Their skin tones may be more realistic than usual GW's green but as you said, I wanted to give them a touch of naive fantasy look with that red in spears and shields.
    Thank you Ernie.

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    1. Entonces...soy culpable por tener demasiada molonidad? ;-)