Destroy that cruiser!

Today I am only testing bombers, torpedoes and attacking Capital ships. I decided to confront two light fighters and two bombers armed with two torpedoes each, attacking a Battle Cruiser Capital ship.

The cruiser must reach the buoy to hyper-jump and escape. The game begins with the attacking flight sighting the cruiser coming out from an asteroid field. They activate first and all hit Afterburners; the cruiser start to accelerate and launches two light fighters.

On turn two the light fighters hit Afterburners again and fire all their weapons and missiles, destroying one enemy light fighter and making the other one to use his Afterburners to avoid destruction. The bombers move normally towards the cruiser and reduce speed to star locking on torpedoes next turn.

Now fighters are in the cruiser's Flak defensive fire range and one of the bomber is forced to chance course. The cruiser launches his last two light fighters.

A fierce dogfight ensues and one bomber launches his torpedo towards the cruiser.

Another enemy light cruiser is down and the other bomber launches another torpedo while the fighter locks on a FF missile on the cruiser as well. The pilot of one of the attacking light fighters fall unconscious by enemy fire and the ship drifts forward uncontrolled.

Enemy fighters tail drifting ship and blow it away with a Heat Seeker missile, but then another enemy fighter is down and the cruiser receives another torpedo hit, with the bridge being smashed!

A third torpedo hits home and the heavily damaged cruiser is rendered without shields. He then fires all his Flak turrets against one bomber who reacts firing back with all his guns, hitting several times the unprotected cruiser and destroying it.

The explosion of the ship catches one of the bombers and destroys it as well while the enemy light fighter and the two remaining attacking ships go unscathed. In the end the Capital ship resulted destroyed by gunfire after three torpedoes making impact.

Many corrections had to be taken as usual but the game is running smooth in general. Although after talking to Joey Beutel I am thinking of changing the normal THW activation order, but this is something I still have to think about and test.


  1. No hexes in a space comabt game, blimey that makes a change!

    Is that part of the appeal?

  2. Actually, the game is more easy to play on an hexed mat, but it can equally played without hexes.
    Ships make turns of 60º

  3. You made me started painting some battleships I had laying around for ages ;-)