Another project :P

I ordered an EIR army to Baccus and it arrived in no time and so, before I had time to regret having spent some money in the hobby again, I was cleaning and painting these little bugs.

They are very well sculpted and easy to paint for being 6 mm, but as they are literally hundreds, I thought about a fast method to paint them and so I did a test.
What you have here is my first test and I am quite happy with the result in quality and speed, so I will probably paint the whole army this way.

Pics clickable.

The recipe is priming in white, then spraying them with Tamiya TS-42 Light Gun Metal, after that block painting red for tunics, flesh and leather, and finally covering them with a home made magic wash and lastly some lights where needed.

The decals are really tiny and need some finesse. You can notice that my first are the ones to the left.


  1. Wow... I didn't know they made decals that small. They do look lovely.

  2. They are made by Dom's decals though I bought them to Baccus together with the figures. A pity there are only for legionaires but not for auxilia or cavalry.

  3. Small but nicely painted!