Mech Breakthrough.

My gaming buddy and I decided to pass the Sunday evening playing a battle of mechs with the rules of Mekatac. We set the game at 400 tons per side and randomly decided to play the scenario Breakthrough. He played defender and I had to exit the board behind his line. I won victory points per tons of mechs exiting the board and he per tons destroyed. We used his Advanced Squad Leader de luxe boards as the MWDA bases fit perfectly in their hexagons.
My forces started at the right with a 90 tons Fire Starter as the most heavy mech, and then a Black Hawk, one Mining, one Forestry and one Agromech and one Arbalest. My friend chose similar mechs although more faster and also being one of them a scary 100 tons Mad Cat with twin Plasma Cannons and SML.
All pictures are clickable.
In the two first turns both sides rushed towards the center of the battlefield, forming two close firefights and fierce melees on each flank, while on center my Arbalest run through, crossing with the Mad Cat which ignored it and headed for the last of my mechs.
My Mining mech fired first its three XLML and Rail Cannon with a total damage capacity of 12d10+3d6! I could have destroyed that devil cat but I missed all my shots except one. Then he returned fire and melted my mech with his Plasma Cannons. Ouch!
On the right flank my Black Hawk and Forester met three enemy mechs, one Wasp, One Hollander and one Arbalest. There I managed to destroy the enemy Arbalest and some weaponry of the Wasp, but in return my 80 tons Black Hawk resulted deadly wounded.
He tried desperately to run and exit the board with its jump jets, but burning from flamethrowers and hot pursued by the Wasp, the Hollander and the Mad Cat, he collapsed under a rain of plasma and missiles at two hexes from the sideboard.
On the left flank my Fire Starter failed with its Heavy flamer and Rail Cannon and pushed through enemy mechs, leaving behind its Lance mate, the Agromech which toppled down and got straggled.
Although badly mauled, the Fire Starter managed to escape from his pursuers, but not so the already depleted Agromech on the left, and the heavily outnumbered Forester mech on the right, which tried to escape using covering terrain as much as possible, but was blown away at point blank by the Mad Cat in the last moment.
In the end I escaped with two mechs for a total of 150 tons and my buddy destroyed four for a total of 250 tons. Decisive victory for him and lots of fun for both.


  1. Wow! That looked great! Any chance that you could post the game stats of your mechs?

  2. Buf! Well, in any case I could only post the stats of my mechs as the others were designed by my opponent.
    Black Hawk-Size 8, Move 5+4, Initivative -1, Hits 80. Jump Jets, SMLx2 (L & R), Laser Cannonsx2 linked (F).

    Fire Starter- Size 9, Move 4+2, Initiative -1, Hits 90, Heavy flamethrower (R), Rail Cannon (L) with AP ammo. Enhanced engine + targeter.

    Arbalest - Size 6, Move 6, Initiative 0, Hits 60, Laser cannox2 (L&R), SMLx2 (F).

    Mining mech MK II - size 6, move 6, initiative 0, 60 hits, LMLx3 linked (F) and AI, Rail Cannon (R)

    Forestry mech - size 4, move 7, initiative +1, 40 hits, chainsword (R), plasma cannon (L).

    Mining mech- size 4, move 7+2, Inititative +1, hits 40, chainsaw (R), SML (F) with AI, Plasm gun (L).

  3. Thank you!

    You know you like a set of rules when someone types "SML (F) with AI" and you know exactly what it means. ;)

  4. It's true, he, he, he :)
    You're welcome!