Green on green.

This was my second game of RRtK and this time I introduced new units like flying creatures, a giant, Magic, a hero and also some skirmishers, to learn more about the game and see how they behave on the battlefield.
Today, some Goblin tribes had gathered led by a powerful Goblin shaman, and had invaded an Orc territory to teach a lesson to their bigger cousins.

From left to right, the Goblin army of nearly 350 points, consisted of one unit of light chariots, one Giant, eight units of Goblins and one of Black Moon Goblins with the general in it, all deployed in two ranks to get full support; then three units of Ogres and finally three units of Goblins Wolf Riders acting as mounted skirmishers.
I commanded and deployed the Goblin army as I wanted to use the Magic rules.
All the pictures are clickable.
All the Orcs of the area had heard of the good news of fun with the Goblins, and quickly assembled an army to fight them off. From left to right, one unit of Wild Boar heavy cavalry (shock), three units of Trolls, six units of Orc warriors plus one of Black Moon Orcs with the general in it, and on the hill one Wyvern and two catapults.
The "machine" play the Orcs and I rolled Encircled Flank deployment: "Attempt to slowly push through the center as one wing made up of the fastest units attempts to turn one flank of the enemy. The other flank is defensive and tries to prevent the center from being encircled. (60% in the center -up to 10% in reserve-, 30% on the right and 10% on the left flank).
Goblins were the attacker and moved first. Moving from their right to their left, the chariots moved right to outflank, the Giant and all the Goblins and Ogres moved straight ahead in one solid block, whereas the three units of mounted skirmish race forward (they move 16"!) to engage the enemy at shooting range. When the mounted skirmishers reached enemy's threat distance, they were charged by the Wild Boars and all the Trolls, resulting in one unit of Wolf Riders routing and two retreating, leaving the Goblins' left flank unguarded!
The Orcs cheered and laughed at the sight of the routing goblins, and advanced their center line, whereas the Wyvern took off and charged the Goblin chariots. The poor sods were so terrified at the sight of the incoming monster that retreated at full speed. Now, Goblins right flank was also threatened. Yay!
In the next turn, the Giant faced right to challenge the Wyvern, and the Goblin's main body pivoted left to meet the Orc warriors who counter charged with two units of warriors. The Goblins revealed their great shaman and the Orcs their hero as well.
OK, it was going to be my first try with magic, so I decided to go for an easy spell and concentrate in a few units, to minimize risk and failure. The Gobbos had a Level two magician accompanied by one of level one, and they tried a difficult one spell (the easiest) on only two units. Thus, they casted Steel Wind and failed horribly, and all users were now at risk. Guess what, both casters failed again and disappeared in a puff of smoke. Sixty army points vaporised in an instant!
The Orcs laughed even louder and finally charged "en masse", crushing the Goblin line and killing many Gobbos, only resisting the tough Ogres. The catapults now in range, together with the Orc Hero, produced terror among the enemy ranks.
The Wyvern ignored the Giant and flew after the fleeing chariots who routed the battlefield. On the right flank the Orc Boar riders charged the two remaining Goblin Wolf riders who also routed.
The Goblins were doomed. Their General surrounded and barely resisting.
The Trolls and the Orc hero kept pushing and the Orc Warriors pivoted right and close the trap. The Goblin general was slay and the few surviving Goblin units routed. The Wyvern tried to charge the Giant by his back but failed the charge test. Also, the Boar Riders finally arrived from their far pursue of the mounted skirmishers, and hit on the Ogres' back, routing them. The Goblin cause was lost and the Orcs had a great time. Game over.
What can I say? I was miserably defeated by the machine. Well, for a start the promising Magic failed me from the very first turn, and also the Giant did not enter in combat. All Goblin cavalry deserted at the early stages of the battle as well.
I think my main mistake was that I am ill playing DBA style, and RRtK is something totally different. Here it is very important to act having in mind the unit's reactions, specially with the Enemy Threat Reaction. Deployment also is something decisive.
Regarding the Orcs, they had two units which were key to their victory. On one hand the Wyvern, a flying unit producing terror and capable to move all around the table and charge from any direction; and secondly and most important, their hero.
Heroes are too powerful and almost impossible to kill that they outbalance any battle. I think they should only be used in campaigns but not on single scenarios.


  1. Jur, jur, jur, jugabas tú sólo y ahs perdido, ¡qué malooo!

    Ahora ya en serio, interesante ARR, e interesantísimo juego.

    Tengo intención de probarlo en brebe, a ver es tan divertido como parece.

    ¡Termina las campañas que estás jugando!

  2. ¿Que termine? ¡Imposible! Ahora voy a empezar tres nuevas de ci-fi :D

  3. Buen informe! Mola lo de jugar solo, y debe funcionar bien la "maquina" si perdiste. ¿usaste alguna regla especial para ello?
    Sea como sea, muy entretenido!

  4. Pauix, sólo el reglamento y un poco de sentido común.

    Slorm, ains sí, que estress.

  5. Good report, Javier. Shame your magic did not work as it might well have made the difference, but that is the way the dice roll. :-) Having used heroes a lot in Warrior Heroes, I suspect that the tactics you use to deal with them may well have a bearing on why you think they are overpowered. Ganging up on them helps, if you can. They are certainly powerful, but not game destroyers in my opinion. I look forward to seeing how your continued adventures with this game go.

  6. Ruarigh, the key word is "gang up up on them if you can".
    Naturally, I only played with them once,so I'll trust your word and play with them more times.

  7. Another great report. I am really getting anxious to read the rules and try them!


  8. Cheers Mahon, let me know what you think of them if you finally try them.