Sine Missione

In his last fight Spartacus failed to his dominus, making him lose a lot of coin. Also the crowd was disappointed with the bad performance of Spartacus who was the new hero to cheer up for. For these reasons, Spartacus has been paired with his gladiator friend Varrus, to fight in pairs against four more gladiators in a general melee Sine Missione, to the death.
He must survive and gain again the favour of the crowd and of his master.

All the models except Spartacus play as NPCs, including Varrus. The three teams are Spartacus and Varrus as Dimachaerus and Secutor respectively, one blue team composed of a Thraex and a Hoplomachus, and one red team with an Amazon and a Retiarius. For being woman, the Amazon has two more dice in her pool but is at disadvantage if suffers a bash attack.

Varrus and Spartacus in the bottom centre
Red team activates first and moves directly towards its nearer enemies, thus fatally splitting the team. The Amazon advances towards Spartacus and Varrus whereas the Retiari throws his net on the Thraex. After that, Varrus engages the Amazon and cuts her left thigh.
Now Spartacus and Varrus activates first and charge simultaneously the Amazon, hitting her twice on head and arm and making two scratches and sending her to ground. Seizing the opportunity, Varrus jumps on her and make a new cut in her left calf.

Red team is next and the Amazon stands up and catches her breath while the Retiari throws his net again on the Hoplomachus who dodges to his left, colliding with the Thraex and because of this, not being able to escape from the net, and resulting ensnared and pulled to the ground, suffering a scratch. The Hoplomachus stands up still ensnared, and the Thraex attacks and wounds the Retiari on his left foot, forcing him to fall back.
The Hoplomachus finally removes the net while his mate attacks again the Retiari but to no effect. The Retiarius fight off the Thraex scratching his right foot with his trident.
Spartacus and Varrus attack again the Amazon who defends herself fiercely, severely slashing Spartacus' chest (boo!) but also receiving a punishing trust in the belly by Varrus. The Amazon falls to the ground again and Varrus quickly dispatches her. First kill.
The Thraex and Hoplomachus attacks the Retiari who exchange wounds with the Thraex, both in their left arms. Spartacus and Varrus run towards them.
Again the Hoplomachus and the Thraex engage with the Retiari and in the melee the Retiari and the Thraex both result spent and fall to the ground exhausted. The Hoplamachus trusts Retiari's head but is surprisingly charged by a dashing Spartacus, willing to kill somebody to please the crowd and his dominus; Varrus following him as fast as he can.
Spartacus fails to wound the Hoplomachus, but Spartacus and Varrus moves first in the following turn and both attack again the doomed Hoplomachus. Varrus misses but Spartacus sticks his gladius on the Hoplomachus' left thigh. Now it is the Hoplomachus turn, who attacks with his one last dice in his pool, consequently falling spent in front of Spartacus, who cuts off his head in one swift stroke.
Spartacus and Varrus covered in blood, salute the roaring crowd. They get 12 Advance points and 25 Fame point each. Spartacus is once again in the limelight! He has now 14 AP and 155 FP.


  1. I love reading these reports -- always exciting!

  2. That was absolutely fantastic! I am always impressed with what you manage to squeeze out of these short RSBS games!


  3. You have me completely hooked. I've played my first couple of games in my campaign and am starting to get the hang of it now.
    I'm just using some Heroscape gladiators right now, which figures do you use or do you have recommendations of good manufacturers?
    LTL Dad

  4. LTL Dad, I'm happy you're enjoying these short reports of Spartacus. The figures I'm using and that I recommend are from Foundry and EM4. In the very first report of this campaing I name and give pics and links of the miniatures I'm using. Here's the link: http://javieratwar.blogspot.com/2010/03/spartacus-blood-sand.html

  5. Thanks! I thought I had seen it before but was having trouble navigating the site in a hurry. (I was sneaking a peak at work)
    Are you happy with the quality of the EM4 figs for the money? I'm always game for painted figs when possible as I always have a ton on my plate.

  6. They're as you see them in the picture. I mean, I didn't retouched them at all, just based and varnished. They're OK as painted models and perfect for a quick start. The arena in paper is a nice extra!

  7. Ok cool, that's what I was getting at. So what you see is what you get then.
    Thanks for your help and inspiration. I'll mull things over and then grab some figs and keep on going.
    I'm going to build a nice 3D arena, either from foam or from Hirst Arts type building components. I've already done some Egyption stuff so I have some ideas.

  8. Ok, you are responsible for my madness, I thought I'd show you my first batrep for RSBS. Remember, YOU are responsible! Thanks for your great reps and turning me on to this cool game.

  9. No, no, you're wrong. You were totally mad before my RSBS batreps ;-)
    Great BATREP of yours and great sense of humour, thank you! :)