2k High Elves vs. Chaos

I'm playing with Chaos and my friend with High Elves. As usual my army comes determined by what I have painted so far, whereas my friend can choose among his more than 3k army points.
Being Chaos so expensive, the High Elves deployed many more units than me on the battlefield.
As usual you can click on the pictures for bigger view.

Chaos on top, High Elves bottom
High Elves moved first and all the army excepting a brigade of spears, shifted to the right flank.
After a failed attempt of the High Elves to charge my right flank, I advanced a brigade of Chaos Warriors towards the centre forest and another brigade of Chaos Knights and Dragon Ogres to take the hill to the right. The Elves then fell back and formed a long line of cavalry and chariots in front of me.
I decided to launch and all or nothing charge with all my army. First I started with the most difficult part which was to move three times a brigade of Marauders and Ogres positioned on a small hill at the bottom right. They made it and clashed against the Elven cavalry. Then the same hero who moved them, also successfully ordered to charge the Dragon Ogres into the Elven line. Now it came the easy part, with the general to move the Chaos Knights on the hill and then the Chaos Warriors in the forest, but he rolled a 12!
Even though many of my most powerful units didn't charge, I managed to exterminate some full units of Elven cavalry. I was impressed by the brutal punch that the Dragon Ogres have with six attacks per stand, plus a sorcerer who joined the unit and casted the spell Boom of Chaos, giving to the unit even more attacks.

What is left of the Elven battle line after the Chaos charge
After that, the Elves reacted swiftly and killed all the surviving Chaos units. The Elf artillery and bows killed two stands of my Chaos knights on the hill. On the left flank, the brigade of four Elven spear units advance four consecutive times and surrounded and killed one of my Chaos Warhounds unit who were guarding that flank. The Eagles with the help of a hero on eagle, managed to decimate two Trolls units at the rear.
The battle was tactically lost but Chaos hadn't reach its break point yet. Thus I desperately charged out from the forest and killed one unit of bows and one of throwers. Also, one unit of harpies that I had in reserve, managed to kill two more units before being exterminated.
After that, the High Elves killed two more units, making Chaos reaching its break point and winning the game for not a very wide margin. Anyway, I must say I cannot complain about the result as I almost won the battle without using any of my Chaos Knights and Warriors.


  1. ¿donde consigues a fecha de hoy figuras de warmaster?
    Felicidades por el blog y todo su contenido!!!, me lo paso genial leyendo tus battle reports y viendo tus galerias!

  2. Games Workshop todavía las vende. También por ebay las puedes conseguir un poco más baratas.
    Gracias por las felicitaciones, me alegro de que te guste :)