Thraex versus Hoplomachus

After one month of resting, Spartacus is fully recovered and put to test in the arena against a Hoplomachus.
The first to strike at spear distance is the Hoplomachus, but Spartacus passing two more dice than him, manages to parry his attack.

In the next turn Spartacus tries to outflank him on his unshielded side but the Hoplomachus anticipates his movement, preventing the attack and making him to burn an extra dice.
In the third turn Spartacus attacks directly and pierces Hoplomachus' belly armour, wounding him seriously and knocking him down to the ground, where is quickly attacked again and forced to burn six dice.

Spartacus has the initiative again and attacks while the Hoplomachus is on the ground. This time hitting him in the chest and causing him instant death.

Piece of cake. Spartacus is getting more and more confident and the crowd cheers his name. Again he has gained a Corona and five more Advance points. He now has a total of 18 Advance Points and 122 Fame Points.


  1. This game probably took some 5 minutes, and was so much fun to read!

    Keeping fingers crossed for Spartacus. I know how easily one unlucky blow can finish his career (and life).Good luck, Spartacus!


  2. Thank you in the name of Spartacus ;-)

  3. Go Spartacus! I need to find the time to dig out my gladiators and return to RSBS... along with all my other projects.