Dimachaerus nonsense

Spartacus has decided to quit the Thraex fighting style in favour of the Dimachaerus. Curiously, his first fight is against a Thraex, and soon he will realise how tough is life without a shield!

Spartacus to the right wielding two swords
Spartacus waits for the Thraex and then attacks and hits him in his belly but without wounding him. After that, Spartacus tries to outflank the Thraex and although he fails to do it, he still manages to hit him again, but again without wounding him thanks to the shield of the Thraex. The Thraex gives ground one more time and burns an extra die. All in all not a bad start for Spartacus.

Now the Thraex hits Spartacus and wounds him in the belly quite easily as he has no shield to protect himself. Following this, they exchange many blows and spend a lot of dice without any result (they draw for five consecutive rounds).

Looks like Spartacus is still getting used to his new fighting style as he gets hit repeatedly on his head without further consequences, and later wounded on his Upper Left Leg.
The Thraex has still half of his dice pool whereas Spartacus only has three dice left and so he decides to surrender and appeals for mercy to the moody crowd.

Spartacus has a minus one to his Rep for being wounded but a plus one for having more than one hundred Fame points, so he appeals for mercy with his normal Rep and passes two dice, which means the crowd wants mercy and the editor spares Spartacus. Phew!

Saved by a hair's breath, but better not depend on the whimsical crowd again just in case. Spartacus saved his life but didn't win any Advance or Fame points as he lost the match. Now he will have to wait a couple of months until his wound heal before fighting again.


  1. Me encanta, te lo estás currando un montón D

  2. Very nice report. I'm really getting into this story.

  3. Boo, Spartacus was beaten! It must have been a rigged fight!! Another great report. I dug out my gladiator figures and was sorting through them the other day thanks to you. I shall definitely be starting a game at some point soon.

  4. You know, after watching the end of Season one, I had the feeling that Spartacus was going to die on this fight, so I was a little disappointed by seeing he survived after all ;-)
    Well, we'll see if he survives next encounter; a general melee of six gladiators ^- ^ (grin)

  5. This story is really great! Love the miniatures, but I really don't need another genre

  6. Heheehe, Just you wait Mr. Mayhugh, just you wait ;-)
    You'll finish buying gladiators and playing RSBS. All resistance is futile! :)