Slaughterhouse. Einar's Saga Chapter three.

I rolled for encounter and got Raid as attacker. I also rolled for place of the encounter and terrain, but didn't rolled to see who or what I was going to meet, as I wanted to use my recently painted Beast men and Minotaurs from Eureka.
As I was the raider and my opponent were Beast men, I decided that Einar's party had bumped with a party of Beast men raiding a village, and that they were going to attack them to save the villagers from the Beast men.

I reworked the stats for Minotaurs and Beast men as I have a different vision from them than that from the rules. As I envision them, a Minotaur should be Rep 5, AC 4, Mov 6, Hardiness 3, Terror, Frenzy and Beast, with a Combat Value of 8. Also, I decided to quit the Terror ability from the Beast men as they could be as scary as an Orc, and Orcs are not Terrific in WHAA lists.

The game starts with Einar and his men entering the board on the road from West at 12" from the defenders, and already active.
All the pics are clickable.

Coming from the distant village they can hear horrifying screams of pain and terror mixed with some kind of enraged bellowings that give them creeps. They dash towards the village to find out what's going on and when they reach the bridge they spot a strange horned creature, half man half beast and with a purplish tentacle instead of arm. Both Hrafnkel and Snorri aim at the creature and kill it on the spot.

The Beast men do not react and Einar and his mates keep running and cross the bridge. When they pass the house, they see a pen where the Beast men are holding all the surviving villagers for their bloody feast. A near Beast man spots them and charges Einar who parries it. Hrafnkel and Snorri shoot at the Beast man behind the fence but fail.

Beast men still inactive when Fafnir charges the Beast man locked in melee with his friend Einar. Together they push back the beast and then Einar cuts it in halve with a mighty stroke (he passed 4d6 more than his opponent). Suddenly, another beast man comes out from the house next to them, and all halt staring at each other in surprise.

Hrafnkel and Snorri take better positions and finally their arrows hit home and another Beast man is down; whereas Einar and Fafnir charge the surprised Beast man that came out from the house, and after some fencing, Einar finally slays the furry beast.

The archers hunt down the remaining Beast man and then Einar and Fafnir advance into the Village. Suddenly, a monstrous Minotaur slams the door of the house where he was hiding, and charges Hrafnkel and Snorri, who manage to fire at him, reducing his Hardiness to two, but unable to stop him.

The monster reaches them and pushes Hrafnkel whereas Snorri miraculously holds him.
The Minotaur then revolves, instantly killing Snorri, and splashing Snorri's blood, brains and bones unto Hrafnkel, who mad with fear routs from the battlefield.

The Minotaur, choked on blood lust, turns back and charges Einar who falls stunned. Then Fafnir charges the Minotaur and so giving his friend time to recover, but he's pushed back by the infuriated monster.

Einar is again struck down and only his great resilience saves him (his Hardiness turned an OOF into nothing). Fafnir charges again and this time he buries his axe deep between the Minotaur's horns, and the beast falls finally beaten. The village is safe and Einar too, and once again by a hair's breath!

After gaining some breath and releasing the peasants, they search for Hrafnkel but didn't find him. He have gone forever.
The Major of the village in gratitude gave Einar a beautifully crafted long bow that it is said to be magic. Regretfully, Hrafnkel won't be able to admire and put to good use such splendid weapon.

Hrafnkel rolled double six in the recovery chart and so he never returned. Then I rolled in the Looty & Booty chart as I was the raider and had won the encounter, but I took what I found (a potentially magic bow) as a present from the peasants instead of loot.

Also, Fafnir raised his Hardiness to four, and Einar his Social Standing to seven.

After helping with the dead, Einar and Fafnir buried their friend Snorri and erected a stone in his honour with the words: "Here lies Snorri, he was a fine lad".

After that, they resume their march towards South to take a ship to Treyine, thinking of the many friends they have left behind.


  1. Pretty awesome fight! I like reading Einar's adventures.


  2. Excellent report. I love the fact that you are using such well-painted and characterful 10mm figures.

  3. Thanks both for the compliments :)
    Indeed, the campaign is helping me a lot to paint miniatures. According to that, now I should start painting chaos dwarfs and perhaps some wagons and caravan guards.

  4. A great series of games. I am definitely enjoying the story!