Eureka 10 mm. Beastmen and MInotaurs

These miniatures are beautiful and full of character but I am afraid the pictures came out a little bit blurred. Do not forget to click on the pictures for a larger view.

I swapped the spear of the Minotaur with the big shield for a mace from a Warmaster Ogre, as I didn't like much to see a Minotaur with a spear.

These figures soon will see some action in my campaign of WHAA, the Sage of Einar.

Below you can see Eureka's Minotaur and Beastlord next to GW's Warmaster and Copplestone's human figures. As you can see, the Beastman is slightly taller than humans, and the Minotaur is massive.


  1. Preciosos! Me hubiese gustado pillarlos en mi época de warmaster ;)

  2. ¡Exacto! Tengo en casa 1.000 puntos para Warmaster de hombres bestia de Eureka por pintar. Estos que salen aquí son de esos puntos :)