The Peaceful battle. Our third FWC game.

Why peaceful? Because there weren't shoots or casualties and because nobody won or lost. How was it possible you may wonder? Let's blame the Orks.

This time we chose to play the second scenario, Colonization, assault phase. Me being the attacker with 4.000 points of Marines and my opponent with 2.000 points of defending Orks. The Marines enter the board with orbital deployment whereas Orks with mobile deployment, being the Marines the first to move.

You can click on the pictures to see them bigger.

Marine Orbital deployment

After deploying, the Marine infantry and most of the troops rushed towards the city at the west. The Orks deployed their commanders (easily distinguishable as they are mounted on round bases) on the west and north sides of the battlefield but failed all their rolls to deploy the troops. They failed again on the second turn.

In the meantime, the Marines took advantageous positions to wait for the enemy which meant that the Orks wouldn't risk to deploy before suppressing first some Marine units with their artillery batteries ( they had 27 dice to hit!).

Marine forces in position and covering the Orks's deployment areas

The Ork batteries failed their command rolls for several turns and in one occasion they hit both Marine Coyote Titans and left them without shields but unsuppressed, they didn't dare to try deployment in the end and so game turns were slowly passing.

Marines waiting and waiting for the Orks

Finally, on turn 9 (the game lasted 10 turns), one Ork battle group entered on the bottom right of the board where there were only a few Marines squads defending the city. On the last turn the Marine CO was suppressed and the closest HQ failed his activation; the rest of the troops were too far to do anything. Thus, the Orks on the last activation of the game assaulted the city without opposition as well as without any effect on the game.

A futile charge as a goodbye

In the end, Marines had a bike recce and a tactical squad casualties, and the Orks exactly the same. One more casualty was me who died from boredom. Next time Marines will be defenders and Orks if possible won't use mobile deployment.


  1. maybe use a house rule, if the battlegroups dont turn up by turn 2, they automatically enter on turn 3?

    it may liven things up a bit.


  2. Automatic arrival on turn 3 might be too predictable for you. You could also try applying an incrementing bonus to the rolls, so that their arrival is not definite. On turn 2 the bonus is +1, and it increases by one for each turn after that.

  3. yep, that would be better, so there is still an element of uncertainty, like it.