Einar's Saga. A WHAA campaign.


Historical equivalent: Norsemen.

The land of Mirholme lies to the far north of the Known world. This is a harsh land of snow and ice with mountains of Frost and Dusk that reach unto the heavens themselves and march right down to the sea.

The humans that live here are powerfully built, with large, well muscled frames and long limbs. The Norse are a bloodthirsty people whose society is based entirely around war and fighting.

They make or produce very little in their inhospitable homeland and their attitude is to take whatever they need from the lands of others. Many a time their dreaded long ships have brought terror and destruction to the lands of men and the other races.


Einar Ragnarsson

Alignment Twilight. Star Rep 4 warrior elite trained with no armour AC 2 and Hardiness 1. Equipped with broadsword I5 and medium spiked shield I3. Climb attribute as he’s always been climbing the high mountains of his country since child. CV 3.Social standing 6.

Party total CV: 9. Followers:


Einar boyhood’s best friend. Death dealer Rep 4 with no armour AC 2 and Hardiness 1. He's armed with a 2HW battle axe I6 (using it with penalty). Frenzy and Fanatic. He will follow Einar up to the end. CV 3.


Rep 4 Skald, cook, thieve and healer. Equipped with long bow I7/5 and dagger I4 and AC 2. He goes with the party to record Einar’s deeds in a Saga and also to see the world. Perhaps the most important person in the party. CV 1. He's carrying two potions of strengh 4.


Rep 4 grunt with bow I5. CV 1.


Rep 4 grunt with spear I5 and medium shield I2. CV 1.


Einar is the only male son of a minor noble and was foretold that the day he owned a weapon worthy of a king, he’d become king of his own.

Believing this to be truth, he imposed himself with the Quest of finding such weapon. Einar had heard from passing merchants that in the far East, close to the land of the Dead, there was a strange people called Dwarrs or something, who lived under the mountain, and that they were the best weapon master craft forgers of the known world. Thus, determined to go there and get his weapon and his throne, he gather his few possessions, farewell his father and kindred, and with some adventuring friends he set off to the civilized world in search of his destiny.

Starting point

Spring (April) of 896, Ragnar’s Farm is in Svinadal, a long, wide valley with a shallow river and rocky hills on either side, somewhere inside the country of Mirholme. ER 4+1=5. There is where Einar has been living until now.

Einar’s party moves to the border of Mirholme and towards Altengard in March, and finds refuge in a hut of a lumberjack called Helli, settled among the vast woods of the region. Resting there they suffered at dawn a raid from a neighbour farm which has a feud with Helli concerning something about a stranded mule.

In Mirholme all feuds are blood ones and now that Winter snows is melting away, Helli’s neighbours are coming in full force to recover their mule, and in the process burn Helli’s hut (National sport in Mirholme!) and kill him. Einar is caught in the middle of this dispute and his barbarian code of honour makes him to help Helli in payment for his hospitality.

So Einar’s first encounter in this campaign is as defender of a Raid from locals. Will he survive to his first fight?


  1. This looks like a really interesting idea. Looking forward to seeing it develop.
    (are my eyes fooling me or are the miniatures 10mm?)

  2. Yes, they're 10mm. from Copplestone, GW and Pendraken :)

  3. I really enjoy the way you post your blogs. Just found your site but really enjoying it.

  4. Deano, I've noticed you have a curious blog and that it's not related to Wargaming. Which part of my blog do you like most?
    Thanks for the compliments.

  5. Excellent idea wuth using these 10mm minis. I wush I had gone this way some time ago - at the cost of a little eyecandy you het portability and easiness of storage.

    Anyway - good luck with the campaign! I'll stay tuned to follow it.

  6. That map is great. Does that come from another game or did you create it?

  7. The map belongs to the second book of WHAA that the author has kindly advanced me.

  8. yay! Go Einar!
    Like Donogh said: very interesting idea. Looking forward the rest too.