Second FWC game. Surgical Strike

Another Sunday and another game, FWC again of course. This time we raised our points up to 4.000 per side and chose the eleventh scenario, surgical strike. Marines being the attacker, need to destroy four missile silos and retreat with at least 25% of its forces intact, while defending Orcs must stop them.

Marines have so many funny things in their army list that I decided to try as much of them as possible. Also, as my mission was to strike fast and run I based my strategy on an air assault. Thus, my force consisted of 1 CO, 2HQ, 1 FAC, 2 recce bikes, 2 drop pods with six assault marines each, 3 terminators, 2 bombers, 3 land raiders with 1 tactical stand each, 2 M13 Night Howl air defence and 1 Reaver titan. The total break point of the army was a pitiful 9!

My idea was to support from distance with the titan and the night howls while taking the objectives one by one with my air force. Also, I planned to destroy possible Gargants coordinating pin point air strikes with smart missiles after that, as they negate all saving throws.

I supposed that my usual opponent would deploy a lot of infantry to defend the four objectives and I wasn't wrong. Here is his force of 4.400 points: 1 HQ, 2 FAOs, 2 Recce Trackers, 4 Infantry - Runts, 15 Infantry - Scavengers, 5 Support - Mighty Death Dealers, 4 Walkers - Death Cans in the first city with objective. 1 HQ, 1 FAO, 2 Recce - Trackers, 4 Infantry - Runts, 15 Infantry - Scavengers, 5 Support - Death Dealers, 4 Walkers - Death Cans spread amongst the blast walls and the medium bunkers with 3 Artillery - Mighty Death Dealers. That was a huge lot of infantry to kill before reaching the objectives!

As reinforcements he bought one division with 1 HQ, 6 Tanks - Death Wagons, 1 Artillery - AA Wagon, 4 Infantry - Death Bikes, a second division with 1 HQ, 6 Tanks - Death Wagons, 1 Artillery - AA Wagon, 4 Infantry - Scavengers Riders. A third division with 1 HQ, 15 Infantry - Scavengers, and a last division with 1 CO, 1 Recce - Doom Buggies, 1 Walker - Super Heavy Industrial Support, 3 SPAT - Death Crushers. The total break point was 53, the table was going to be crammed with green maniacs!

Early turns in the game. Marines desperately waiting for air support

I chose to attack on one of the narrow sides of the board to delay as much as possible the Ork reinforcements. I didn't have many troops to deploy as most of my force was off board. All my plan was based on air assault and support, so until I managed to do that, my earth forces could only stand and wait.

Regretfully, I forgot about air strike on first turn and when I realised about that it was too late and my friend and opponent didn't let me go back so I had to wait for the second turn. On the second turn the FAC failed its roll so I had to wait for the third turn. On the third turn I didn't got air superiority so I had to wait for turn four! I was starting to panic when on turn four I got air superiority and my FAC successfully ordered two air strikes with the bombers and then one of my HQs successfully commanded a drop pod to attack the first objective. The drop pod killed and suppressed many Orks already wounded by the bombers, and then the marines assaulted, won melee and consolidated positions. After that my CO successfully launched the terminators into the same objective who swept the area and then teleported again inside the objective and killed all the bastards. There had been a perfect assaulting manoeuvre on a tough defensive position!

Ork defensive position before the marine assault...

...and after the assault :)

On the right flank the land raiders easily took a second objective which was practically unprotected and previously pounded by the Reaver titan for several turns.

Tacticals from the land raiders taking the silo.

Sadly, as we run out of time, we had to quit the game on turn five with the Ork reinforcements getting nearer and the marine titan destroyed by Ork guns. Nonetheless, as I had still my Termies intact and an unused drop pod as well the FAC and the bombers, I thought I could easily repeat the assault manoeuvre and took a third objective without much difficulty.

Ork reinforcements approximating from the bottom and the marine titan about to die by Ork fire from the bunkers

But even as the game was finished, marines had taken and destroyed two of the four objectives and keep quite more than 25% of casualties mark to exit the game, so they doubled their victory points, getting 8 VPs vs. Orks 4. Marines had achieved a Major Victory!

Mayor Marine victory. For the Emperor!

The more we play FWC the more we like it!

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