Future War Commader introductory battle

This Sunday we decided to try FWC for the first time. As we had already played BKC a few times in the past we thought it wouldn't be any problem but the truth was that we made a lot of mistakes during the game, though this was not important as the battle, scenario 7, encounter at 2.000 points each, was an introductory one and after all we had great fun.

I dusted off my very old Epic Space Marines and my buddy his Orks, and both decided to try some units but keep it as simple as possible as it was our first game, so no FAOs, FACs, shield domes, teletrasportation, drop ships, etc.

My 2.000 points marine force consisted of 1 CO with 1 bike recce, 6 regular marines, 3 M50 (rhinos), 2 SPG M1 (whirlwind) and one Coyote (Warhound), and 1 HQ with 5 M4 all terrain bikes and 3 M18 (predators).

My opponent deployed 1 CO (8) with 1 SPAT (Death Crusher), 1 Walker (Super Heavy Ind Killer), 2 Tanks (Death Wagons), 2 Support (Death Throwers), 1 HQ with 2 Tanks (Assault Wagons), 4 Infantry (Hunters), 2 Infantry (Runts), 2 Support (Death Dealers), 4 Tanks (Death Wagons), 4 Infantry (Brutes), 1 HQ with 10 Infantry (Scavengers), 6 Infantry (Runts).

The orks chose static deployment and the marines mobile deployment. Believe or not my HQ rolled 10 and then my CO rolled 11, so I had to wait for the second turn to do something. This was not the only time my CO screwed it up as in the second turn he rolled a blunder and left the battlefield, so in the third turn I had a CO with CV 9! Moreover, he blundered again and lose two CV points for the rest of the game. Yes, my CO had CV 7 on fourth turn.

Deployment. Marines at the bottom.

To compensate my awful command rolls my opponent forgot all about his infantry being carried in the Ork vehicles and by the time he realised about that I had killed most of them with the forgotten infantry inside them. Also, my Coyote massive walker abnormally
resisted several turns against his Gargant.

Half of the game. Failed marine charge on the left, Ork Gargant ruling the centre, and shooting duel at the right flank.

It looked like I was going to win the day with my whirlwinds killing a lot of Ork infantry and some vehicles, while marine infantry held near the village and I threatened the right flank with the bikes, but the Gargant finally got near enough and she alone destroyed the Coyote, one wirlwind and some infantry stands whereas his tanks and artillery on the right finally finished the three predators on the hill.

The marines reached his break point on turn five and as it was impossible for them to win in the current situation, we decided to finish the game giving a total victory to the Orks.

Final turn. Gargant running amok among marine lines and killing everything.

We had a lot of fun and loved FWC system. I have started to repaint some of my old marines units while finishing others for our next game in two weeks. This time a 4.000 points battle with everything included.


  1. Your game sounds like fun. I am looking forward to trying FWC too. We plan to play it and Dirtside2 soon, because we painted up a bunch of 6mm sci-fi last month.

  2. FWC is fast and fun and covers everything. I think you'll enjoy it a lot.
    Ps. Your excellent Talomir tales are reminding me that I must finish my Orc Drift campaign and start my new WHAA campaign.

  3. This system sounds like fun. Thanks for the write up!