Dusting off some 15mm oldies

After visiting the blog Dropship Horizon I remembered those figures I bought in the eighties to Table Top Games. I was selling them very cheap last year and now I'm glad nobody wanted them. Aaah, I have sweet memories of me playing endless Laserburn games with them when I had no responsabilities and all the time of the world. Now I'll use them with 5150 to play some bugs games as I'll probably order some space demons to Khurasan Miniatures.
Anyway, when I saw them again in front of me I decided to take some pics and post them in my blog. Here they are. Don't forget to click on the pics for bigger size.


  1. Happy days. We played Laserburn in the eighties until our rulebooks fell to pieces! We played the Assault on Bunker 17 scenario recently and had a great time. I love your figures. Your Imperial troops are painted in similar fashion to my own, and seeing yours there makes me want to dig mine out and paint more of them.

  2. Javi ¿has visto que han sacado el reglamento de Laserburn en http://www.15mm.co.uk/?

    Las minis tienen realmente una pila de años ¿verdad?, por que me da la sensación de que tienen muy pocos detalles.

    Un saludo

  3. Iván, ya tengo Laserburn e Imperial Comander y todos los reglamentos y escenarios que sacaron.
    Las figuras eran de lo mejorcito en los ochenta y tanto es así que aún se venden.
    Existe un grupo del cual soy co administrador y en el que hay una simplificación de Laserburn que hice hace años, junto con un montón de suplementos no oficiales. Si te quieres pasar es en http://groups.yahoo.com/group/afewgonadsmore/

    Slorm, I already have Laserburn and Imperial Commander and the rest of the rules and scenarios of that universe.
    The figures were the best in the eighties and they were so good that people still buy them.
    There is a yahoo group where I'm co-administrator and where you can find a simplification and adaptation to D6 of the Laserburn rules that I made years ago, together with many unofficial supplements. If you want to pay us a visit is at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/afewgonadsmore/

  4. Very nice collection you have there. Nice to see the Old Crow jeeps in use.

  5. Thanks inrepose, nothing compared to your pieces of art. You have a great blog and I really love your 15mm. base.