10 mm Pendraken Early Imperial Roman Army for DBA

I have returned to DBA after some years of inactivity and this time in 10 mm. Why 10 mm? Well, simply because it looks better than on a classic 15 mm. base. For example, in a blade base of 40 x 15 cm. I can put nine 10 mm soldiers instead the usual four 15 mm. ones and the sensation of massed ranks is more credible.

I have found out that Pendraken minis are really good for their value and I have started a project of making at least two DBA armies from them. The first one is an Early Imperial Roman Army. I already finished four legionaires bases (blades) plus the general blade base, four auxilia bases and the artillery. Here are some pics of them.


  1. Out of curiosity, why DBA instead of Warmaster Ancients (given that you play Warmaster [Fantasy])?

  2. Very nice! Did you consider 6mm on 15mm bases for an even more mass effect?

  3. Dave, I painted most of my warmaster fantasy stuff long ago. Now I couldn't do that effort again; even this DBA army is taking a lot of time and effort from me.
    If you go at the bottom of my blog you'll see pics of an old Greek plastic army for Warmaster Ancients but abandoned that project as I couldn't find anyone to play with in that scale.
    Also, I think Warmaster system is more suitable to play fantasy than historics.

  4. Ozvvortex, I came from 6 mm (I have a DBM Indian army which stopped at a DBA army size) but when I took this army from Heroic & Ros there weren't any 10 mm figures in the market. For me 10 mm is the new 6 mm scale and I'd never have bought 6 mms. if at that time there have been 10 mm available. IMO, 10 mm allows mass effect and enough detail at the same time, so it's perfect. Actually, I'm shifting to 10 mm in all my gaming periods.
    I also have some 15 mm armies as I started this hobby in the early eighties with that scale, but then I left it for 28 mm, then for 1/72 and 6 mm and finally for 10 mm :)

  5. Congratulations, this is a great blog.

    Felicidades, un gran blog, con muchos puntos de interés y aprendizaje.


  6. Thank you, yours is great as well. Great big battles there!
    Gracias, el tuyo también está muy bien. Tienes grandes batallas.

  7. Great blog blacksmith, because of you I too am doing DBA in 10mm!