African huts

I made three huts for my 1/72 skirmshes in Africa. I used three small can of Pringles, a brown paper folder that I "borrowed" from my job, some palm tree branches from the garden where I work and some toilet paper to give texture to the walls of the huts.

I made the roofs and doors with the folder and start glueing little branches from the palm tree.

Then I realised I should have painted the roofs first :(

This is how they turned out. I could have painted some white symbols on the walls and maybe add green, red or blue on the doors as well, but I went for the easiest and fastest way and I think they are OK. After all they are just huts.



  1. Great work Javier.
    Having to eat the Pringles was probably the easiest part 😁

  2. A simple idea but They look really good

  3. What a great tip!
    This will probably work in several scales.
    I guess you cut them down a bit, so a long Pringles tube will probably be enough for several huts?

    1. Yes, I think they can easily scaled up or down. You can get some from a tube as you said, but only one would get the bottom of the tube as a floor. Cheers,