Caesar Dwarves

Miniatues from Caesar are great as you can see here with these Dwarves below, and also I can tell you the same about the Elves I've  just started to paint, they are awesome.

Hammer guy seems to be wearing sunglasses but it's just some wash pooling, LOL.

These six together with the other two I painted before make the number for a unit that I'll use as allies for my army, as well as individually for some RPG.


  1. Wow, a fierce dwarf unit! You managed to give it a lot of character with the painting, and we had to look several times before identifying two miniatures that have the same pose.
    The dwarf with the red robe in the style of 'The Hobbit' appears a leader among them, but our favorite is the dwarf with the red crest and beard, armed with an axe and shield: what a grim expression!

    1. Thank you Rodor! they are very good sculpts and the crestet Dwarf reminds me a lot to those from Games Workshop.

  2. Very nice! They are great figures!