Dark Alliance Steppes Warriors Set 1

Another great 1/72 plastic set from Dark Alliance miniatures. Actually, the best one so far. The miniatures come with zero flash and are really well sculpted and sharply casted. The set comes with twelve riders with two poses of each, plus some extra bits to add like pouches, quivers and swords. The lances of the knights are very good as well.

They make excellent Rohirrim and although I didn't gave justice with my painting, I think you can appreciate how good they are in the pictures below.

Close shots.

Wargs versus Rohirrim


  1. They really do look excellent. Great work on the shields at such a small scale.

  2. Thanks Alan! the shields come with shaped reliefs so it's very easy to paint them :)

  3. An impressive squadron of cavalry - we love the variety of weapons, from bows to hand weapons to pole weapons. With your work of painting you have managed to make even miniatures with identical poses original.
    Now all that remains is to have them ride in aid of King Einar!

    1. Thanks Rodor for your kind comments. I have to say that this box is really good and not only does have excellent miniatures and poses but it also has fantastic single pouches, quivers for horses and infantry as well as swords that you can use with these miniatures of with any other set.