The battle on the river Glein.

My buddy made a river and wanted to use it, so we met for another WAB game. This time we played the scenario the battle on the river Glen from the the WAB supplement The Age of Arthur. We played at 1.500 points, me Romano-British, my friend Saxons.

I was the attacker so I reached the river first.

The saxons already at the ford.

My Dux with his Commanipulares crossing the river on the left flank.

On the second turn I crossed the river with all my troops but then the Saxons charged and stopped me in my tracks. Those Gedrihts are terrifying.

My unit of milites at the ford, with a Tribune and Army Standard, suffered four casualties and inflicted none, and then failed the morale test and fled, panicking two units more with them. The Sagitarii on the centre held and inflicted many casualties on the Saxons.

My cavalry on the left flank overrun a unit of Geoguth and another of slingers but suffered too many casualties to keep fighting and the right flank was lost, so we left the game here as a Saxon victory.


We love WAB but always playing the same opponent and with the same armies makes you want to play to something else, so next time we will probably play WWII.